Wig Care Services from VogueWigs

VogueWigs is now offering a variety of services to help maintain, and care for your favorite wigs and extensions. Our Hair Gurus have mastered the techniques of washing and restyling alternative hair. Feeling confident in your piece is what matters most.

Wigs should be refreshed every 3- 4 weeks. This timeframe may vary depending on frequency worn, and fiber type. Regular maintenance of your piece will prolong the look and quality. Every wig sent in is carefully inspected and evaluated upon arrival. For your convenience shipping cost to and from are included in the package price. Additional fees will apply to international orders depending on the country.

Please note: Due to Covid restriction, we are temporarily not offering wig care services at this time.

Wig more, Worry lessWig more, Worry less

Washing services we offer:

The Princess...$40

Renew your synthetic wig with this cleanse and condition package.

The Duchess...$80

Freshen up your heat-friendly synthetic wig with this cleanse and condition package. What's more, it'll be restyled to perfection.

The Regal...$85

Revive your human hair piece with a cleanse, condition and beautiful blowout.

The Royal...$95

This deluxe washing service comes with a cleanse, condition, blowout, and curl for your favorite human hair wig.