What is a Lace Front Wig?

A lace front wig is a wig with mesh at the hairline. The mesh will often have a neutral skin color that will disappear once applied to your hairline. The lace is undetectable and will allow you to have an extremely natural and exposed hairline. Most lace fronts will extend from temple to temple.

Lace Front Up Close Undetectable Hairline Off The Face Styling
Lace Front Up Close
Undetectable Hairline
Off The Face Styling

What are the benefits of lace front?

The mesh lace gives the wearer a hairline that mimics natural hair growth. People won't be able to tell that you're wearing a wig! What's more, you will be able to style your hair off of your face without worrying about exposing your wig cap.

How do you apply a lace front?

First, trim the lace as close to the hairline as possible using pinking shears. Once you have trimmed off the excess lace, prepare your own hair by making sure it is as flat as possible. Clean your hairline area of any excess oils to ensure that the adhesive will stick. Apply tape or adhesive to the perimeter of your hairline. After the adhesive feels tacky, the wig is ready to be placed onto your head. Make sure the lace is pressed down securely to your forehead. Now you are ready to go!

Do all lace front wigs require adhesive?

Not all lace front wigs will need tape or glue. There are some newer styles where the lace is only from temple to temple so they will lay flat on your forehead without the need for any sort of adhesive. Other traditional lace front wigs will require glue or tape.

Do all lace front wigs need to be cut or modified?

Not at all. Newer styles are on the market that have the lace already pre-cut for you so it's ready to wear right out of the box without any modification.