Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American country pop singer-songwriter with platinum hits since 2006. When this bubbly blonde first took the world by storm we all fell in love with her innocent charm. Being a wonderful role model was not the only thing that girls everywhere looked up to her for. Talented and beautiful this country diva was a double threat. When Taylor's career first kicked off she had dirty blonde hair that was worn in cute tight tendrils. This paired with red lips became her signature style.

Taylor has grown up in the eye of the American public and has always been a class act. Taylor has versatility in her looks, whether sporting an elegant up do or her own take on soft bangs and a sleek bun. She can dress up for an award ceremony or keep it laid back on her day off and never miss a beat. Recently spotted with a new look, we are loving her transformation.

Taylor has been rocking a new mid length look with soft side swept bangs. This change up gives her a chic and sophisticated appeal. Whatever the hairstyle, the outfit or occasion Swift always looks beautiful. America loves her down to earth personality and fresh smile and women love to imitate her gorgeous hairstyles.

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