Pop singer Rihanna has made her mark in Hollywood. With impeccable taste for fashion and hair to go with it, she is a style icon for women everywhere. Rihanna's natural hair color is a dark brown, but over the last few years she has gone from jet black, bleach-blonde, strawberry blond, two-toned red, fiery red and everything in between. She loves to add fun streaks of platinum to shimmering pink and even blue highlights. This Barbados native has worn her hair long, medium, short, straight to curly you name it she's done it!

When she first stepped out into the music world we all remember her long sultry hair. This look was often worn in her natural brunette hue and a soft curl to it. She pulled this look off well and it was usually worn down, the look was very feminine. Our jaws dropped when she showed off her rocker edge with a short dark black cut with a long side swept bang. This was a great image for the peak of her career and a hairstyle that every girl wanted to wear.

We all knew this talented girl is definitely a style icon, not only with clothes but also with hairstyles. When Rihanna transformed once again, this time she sported fiery red locks which very few women could pull-off and this set her apart from everyone else. Little did she know she would be starting a huge trend making red the new black in Hollywood. Be on the lookout because this girl is one of our favorite celebrities to style watch!

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