Review Contest

First Place: $500 Winner
Holly in the Allure Synthetic Wig by Hairdo
"I love your hairdo", so said our exterminator who has been coming to the house monthly for the past five years and usually finds me there on my work-from-home day. "No you don't,” was my quick and honest response, sliding back my new Hairdo® Allure Glazed Mocha Wig to reveal my very bald pate.

Poor Mike looked stunned, but I assured him it was okay. Hey, if you think this wig is my new hairdo, I'm good with that. And Mike isn't alone. Most people who don't know what I have been through in the past two years (near total hair loss after a diagnosis of hereditary colon cancer, a further diagnosis of Lynch Syndrome, a seven and a half hour surgery to remove my entire colon, uterus, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes, a breather, and then another three-hour surgery to remove three tumors from my abdomen and pelvis) think the Allure is my ""new look"" and like it a great deal.

And they should. I have the Allure in four colors (Glazed Hazelnut and Golden Wheat are the other two; no sense getting bored!) and get compliments on each of them. My real hair was very thick and full and the Allure mimics it well. All four Allure wigs are eminently comfortable and wearable over my long, (usually 12+) hour work days. The fit is, for me, perfect; no tugging or adjusting during the day.

Because I have so little hair left to which to fasten my wigs, I wear the Jon Renau® Softie Wig Liner in bamboo viscose under them. The soft cap feels so good on my tender scalp, keeps my wig in place, and is very comfortable; so comfortable, I often forget I'm wearing a wig. I have more expensive wigs, by many, many multiples, but these are my absolute favorite.

I took two of the Allures with me (Ginger Blonde and Glazed Mocha) on our recent trip to Italy (pictured here in Milan wearing the Glazed Mocha Allure). I decided against varying the colors too much lest the hotel staff think my husband had a different woman at breakfast each morning. They travel well, better in some ways than my own hair did. I brush them at night with my HairuWear® wig brush, hang them in the closet with the hanger with which they came, and pop them on after my morning workout and shower. It could not be simpler. Washing them is a breeze. I wash them in Jon Renau® Shampoo, rinse, condition, hang them, again, with their accompanying hanger, to drip dry, brush them, fluff with my fingers and I’m ready to go.

My husband asked me recently, “What will you do with all these wigs if your hair grows back?”

“That’s easy,” I said, “Wear them.” They are that good.

$100 Winners
Susan in the Karlie Lace Front Wig by Jon Renau
Karlie is a 100% Hand Tied lightweight wonder that is super comfortable and doesn’t weigh your head down. Being 100% Hand Tied, the look of this wig is always as your own hair. Because it is 100% H.T., unlike open caps; you can bend over or get caught in the wind and no one will be the wiser. Karlie looks like the hair is growing out of your scalp. If you are suffering from a medical condition that has rendered you bald, a 100% H.T. is a must. But Karlie is suitable for everyone.

Not only have I gotten many a compliment on Karlie’s “beautiful style and hair” as well as the color from women, I have also a a couple of comments from male friends who find the Karlie can be worn to look quite “sexy”. With the 100% H.T. monofilament top, Karlie can be parted wherever you like. Or worn pulled back. But worn sexy or not, this is a beautiful synthetic wig you will love.

Having owned a few Karlie wigs I can share the following. 100% H.T. wigs start around $425. I always wait for a 30% off sale and try to buy 2 in order to alternate wearing them. Because Karlie is so expensive it is imperative you take proper care of it. Including but not limited to the following:

Karlie is made by Jon Reneau. I have found using Jon Reneau products are best on JR hair. Especially the “Detangler”. I use it every day. Sometimes twice a day. Always pull thru the tangles gently with your fingers first. I also use JR’s shampoo and lightweight oil spray as well. Never brush/comb hard, or yank thru the hair when wet. It will become frayed permanently.

When dry I use a wide tooth comb (again, I use JR’s wig comb) GENTLY. Always, always hold down the lace with your fingertips and be sure your comb or brush does not get under the lace. Because once it does? You will have stretched it and will have to use glue or trim the lace. If you decide to trim, get a hairdresser. If you insist on doing it yourself? Get a $40 pair of proper SHARP hair cutting scissors. Period. Otherwise the lace will fray. You can get a nice hold if you style with JR styling gel and spray. But don’t over use because you don’t want to have to wash product out of it each day.

Don’t over wash and never use hot water. If you sweat during the day or need to exercise? Consider buying 2 and alternating, then save one to wear just for your sweatier activities when they wear out and need to be replaced. Often rather than a complete wash I can simply spray the JR conditioner/detangler on the hair and a little water in the cap instead.

Never open the oven door from the front with wig on. Even the dishwasher is not advised. The rush of heat will ruin your wig in a second! Frying out and frizzing the hair forever wherever exposed. Stand to the side and open from an arm’s distance if you must cook with your wig on.

All in all, this is a great wig and will last longer if you take care of it. Treat it like a $500 blouse:)As it is getting hotter for the summer here in CA where I live, I will be purchasing JR’s “Julianne” in a few weeks. Julianne is also 100% H.T. but a bit shorter with a beachy wave added. I'll let you know how it works out. Until then, rock your wig and wear with your hair with pride! It’s yours. Maybe you didn’t grow it but you paid for it!

Kathleen in the Glow Girl Synthetic Wig by Forever Young
This is my first Glow Girl by Forever Young wig. I love it and I'm so happy! You cannot beat the price (now I'm waiting for a sale so I can stock up!). The pictures I took are of the wig on me right out of the box and all I did was put it on and brush it out slightly.

The cap is a little bit small but not bad enough to bug me or give me a headache. The fibers and nice and soft and I've been wearing it around for most of the afternoon and I don't have any matting or knotting up in the back (like I do with some other wigs). In my opinion, it has the perfect amount of "hair" so you don't look overwhelmed with it on and you don't have to thin it out at all. Also, I think it will be a great longer wig for summer.

I was worried that the bang would fall in my face a lot (which I hate and the picture on the website kind of shows that it would) but not on this wig! The color is really very pretty and I got it in Golden Brown Highlights and there is just the right amount of highlight subtly place throughout the wig- not overdone at all!

I'm so happy I finally went for this wig! I'm thrilled with it and it is TRULY NATURAL looking!

Janice in the Statement Piece Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch
I decided to order the Statement Piece because I wanted to try out a different style, yet one which was somewhat compatible with the wig I usually wear, Jon Renau's Miranda.

This wig is beautiful. The color I selected was the R829S+, the Glazed Hazelnut. The highlights are vibrant and absolutely gorgeous. I receive so many compliments when I wear it to work. The style is modern, with a razor edge cut. If you are more conservative however and seek to update your look, this is the wig for you. Also this wig fits very well, is soft, and has a nice fragrance. I chose this wig for my corporate photo, and I am glad I did. I cannot share the photo as it is a copy right, however have attached a couple of photos from home. Enjoy!

Tanya in the Soft and Subtle Lace Front Wig by Gabor
I have been wearing Sky for about 6 years and just love this wig. I've tried it in several colors but my ultimate favorite is the Frosti Blonde. I have several of them which I alternate because I wear it every day, all day long. It is very comfortable, easy to wear, looks natural and is very flattering. I get so many compliments on my "hair" almost every day.

Ladies always want to know where I get it done. Sometimes I tell them it's hair I wear and sometimes I leave them wondering. They love the cut and the color. It is great right out of the box, but for me, I always need to give the bangs a trimmed right away. In my opinion, the more you wear it the better it looks. With some add in shine and Vogue shampoos, etc. I can get about 4-5 months or longer out of one wig. If you want an easy to wear, go to hair piece, then Sky's your girl.

Rebekkah in the Fiery Heat Defiant Wig by Jon Renau
I have purchased this wig at least 5 times- and have found that each one I receive has different issues (with the actual make of the wig), but overall, it is a great wig and works great for my long wear and tear of use. I have been wearing this wig with the other Jon Renau curly Heat Defiant wig for years now. Because the colors match and they have a similar make, I am able to wear them interchangeably and people can't tell.

I like wearing them off and on because it can't take the extreme heat of curling it and straightening it every day- plus this particular wig doesn't really stay curly (trust me, I have tried curlers, wands, leaving curlers in overnight etc.) I have learned how these wigs work, and it is best if you do not put heat on them until it is necessary to get the tangles/ frizz away after wearing it for a few weeks. Also, it helps to not wash it super regularly because that sometimes leads to more frizz/ tangly hair.

I do lots of hair styles on this particular wig because there are only a few layers. I do tons of braids - and it looks natural because of the great lace front. Though, I have found that the new lace fronts are quite thick in the front and look less natural than the older ones that I bought over a year ago, but it has really stopped the front from fraying away like the old ones always used to do.

The caps always end up being a little bit snug, but it means that they don't slide around when you are an active person. So many people have no idea I wear wigs because it looks so natural. It is a great wig and I plan on continuing to purchase it until I decide on a new style. It has issues with dying out a bit early, but with my busy college life of wearing it basically all day every day, it makes sense that I go through them quicker than others.

In general, they typically last me about 8 months- with wearing them over 14 hours a day most days. BUT I am very careful to make sure I do not wear them down too often, or outside in the hot sun while I sweat like crazy because that makes them wear down even faster. I keep it up and out of my face and it lasts longer. :)

The first image is of the wig down after wearing it for only a couple of weeks. As you can tell, this wig has been a great friend to me. It takes a bit of work to figure out how to make it last long, but it is my favorite wig I have ever worn.