Review Contest

First Place: $500 Winner
Sharon in the Opulence Lace Front Wig by Gabor
"I have been purchasing wigs from VogueWigs for over three years and have loved them all. However the Gabor Opulence wig is my favorite. My first purchase was the sunlit chestnut (GL10-12) a rich brown with caramel highlights and I loved it enough to reorder another for back-up. My favorite, however, is the Toasted Pecan (GL18-23) ash brown with cool blonde highlights, I loved it so much I ordered a second as back-up.

I'm always afraid my favorite color will be discontinued. I recommend it to anyone whose hair is thinning or not as full to style in desired fashion--or for anyone who wants to change their style quickly and avoid long stretches of time with a blow dryer, curling iron and hair products.

I find that buying a wig once a year is much cheaper than a color and cut at a salon every three months (at least), and my own hair is healthier without the constant use of products, blow dryers and curling irons. And can we talk about time saved? Instead of forty minutes with all those above mentioned devices, I can adjust and style the wig within 5 minutes. This product does not need trimming. When I want to wear it pulled back away from my face I use pretty hair clips or barrettes. I also wear hats (usually berets) which add a cute look to the style. Every time I wear it I receive so many compliments.

Pros: The fit, the style, the color: all perfect. The hand-knotted monofilament top and part plus the lace-front produce a natural-look with options for styling.

Cons: none. Wearing these wigs have boosted my confidence and self-esteem 100%. All in all, I have nothing negative to say. This wig is a winner: quality, style and affordability =5+rating."

$100 Winners
Megan in the Zara Lace Front Wig by Jon Renau
This is my first lace-front wig that I consider to be of wonderful quality. I had in the past purchased a lace-front from FY and was incredibly disappointed, and was a little nervous about trying another lace-front...but boy was I happily surprised when I received this beautiful wig! It is SO soft! The smartlace-front is PERFECT and so well done! I was SO much happier with the overall quality of the wig compared to the very very cheap wig I had received from the other company. This wig flows so well and naturally, which is great!

Issues that I have with the wig are that I can see it easily getting tangled and frizzing after some time (very special care will need to be taken to prolong the life of this long wig), it is fairly shiny in the Shaded Sun color even after using dry shampoo, and the cap was much too big for me (and I do even have some hair- enough to put into a ponytail and create a bun). I do worry about the cap stretching and the size being an issue even more and the lace stretching in the front. But honestly other than that, I'm very very happy with this wig and believe it was such a wonderful purchase.

I love the monotop and that I can part wherever I need to! I'm looking forward to eventually modifying this wig once it starts to wear more, because I think it would be easy to layer and bring back to life.

Shelley in the Scorpio Synthetic Wig by Revlon
Love the cut and style of this wig. I'd read somewhere on this site to use baby powder to take the shine down a notch, which I did and it looks very natural. My own hair is pretty short and I love being able to switch it up now and then. I got this in Cocoa Mist 18-26R which looks like my own hair color. This is my second wig and I have two more coming!

All my friends love the two I have gotten so far and want to try them. I may have a "Wig and Wine" party when I get my others. I love being able to throw on a wig when I'm having a bad hair day, easy peasy!

Vicky in the Bryn Synthetic Wig by Noriko
This wig gives me the most amount of compliments when I wear it. I bought it in the toasted brown and the color is so nice! It is very comfortable to wear. I was a little unsure if I would like the long pieces on the side and I am still deciding if I do.

It's a very trendy cut and I am in my 40's so I might end up cutting off the long pieces, we will see. I get so many complements maybe I'll stick with trendy :-)

Tanya in the Soft and Subtle Lace Front Wig by Gabor
I saw Jennifer Lawrence in an interview with her short blonde hair and had been wanting the same hair since! This is my first Eva Gabor wig, and I am super happy with it. The cut, color, quality, and the fit are all perfect.

I have alopecia (no hair), and my head is small, and this wig fits me without being too big. I have received tons of compliments with this wig. I have over 30 wigs and friends say this one is their favorite. Strangers come up to compliment me on my hair often. Sometimes the pick up line starts with "I love your hair!" and I feel like it's my hair that's getting asked out haha

I have to admit I haven't washed this wig yet since I started wearing it 4 months ago. I know it's a bit gross, but as long as it doesn't smell haha. Part of me isn't sure how it holds up after the wash; right now it's holding up great and I want to keep it that way! I don't usually go for shorter hair, but it really is easier to maintain. It doesn't get tangled easily. Comb it with a steel brush and finger curl the hair, and it's back to new. Very lightweight and comfy too!

Karey in the Always Synthetic Wig by Raquel Welch
I purchased the Always Synthetic Wig in color RL613SS (shaded platinum) about a month ago. The wig came and it's wispy, light, and has a good curl pattern. It is a very light wig and breathes nicely. I don't love it, but it's got it's perks. Keep on reading.

Color: The platinum is on the gold/yellow side rather than the ash that true platinum is. The shaded roots are great for believability and extend to the temples and underneath for a believable updo. With the right color brow pencil you can garner a realistic look. To be noted that the part is a hyper tease and does produce volume but can make the wig look a little less natural.

Shape: This wig is very top heavy not just because of the teasing but because of the layers and amount of hair that is on the crown of the wig. The ends are very wispy and they can shed. I do not use heat products on this wig as it does frey the ends even faster. Instead, I use rollers and steam to set my styles. The curl pattern seen in the photos was obtained after I washed and let the wig dry, placed foam rollers in the hair and used a small portable steamer to set the curls. This was all done while on a wig stand and set for about an hour. Additional notes about shape, this wig is great for updo's which is what I normally wear it for. All business meetings, sporty weekends etc. I am a 35 year old woman who has limited to no bio hair and I feel the shape of this wig is for an older woman. The style, when worn down, is not one you'd traditionally see in my age bracket so it does date me a bit.

Longevity: I have had this wig for about a month and it is not a daily wear wig for me. I have only washed it twice and it seems to be holding up to washing. It does shed more than a wig at this price point should, in my opinion. Trim the wig as it starts to frey at the ends. This will prolong the use. If you are prone to sweating (especially with the soft edges) use dry shampoo inside the wig and on your natural hair (if any). If you take care of this wig I can see how it would last as long as the manufacturer has recommended, but make sure you take care of her.

Tips: Even with the comfort bands it does slip. I wear mine with a wig grip. Read the instructions and don't attempt to curl the hair while it's on your head. Make sure you are pinning the curls if you are using a curling iron.