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Naturally Yours is designed for those who prefer only the best, Naturally Yours offeres ready-to-wear monofilament top styles that have the verstility to be customized to fit an individual's personal needs.

Using a Mono Top with Lace Front wigs is produced the same as a Mono Top wig but utilizing a Lace Front as well to create the most natural front hairline in conjunction with the realistic characteristics of a Mono Top. A Monofilament Top (Mono Top) is produced with an extremely sheer mesh used to make a transparent base that creates a realistic looking scalp area and is then hand-knotted with individual fibers to simulate the appearance of natural hair growth. This allows for amazing off the face styling versatility as well as the flexibility to part hair on the left or right or in the center to achieve multiple styling variations. The benefit of a Lace Front wig is an amazingly realistic hairline that appears as if the hair is growing directly out of the scalp. These wigs offer the most natural and realistic appearance due to the combination of the Mono Top and Lace Front.

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