How to apply your extensions


Extensions are not only great for adding length but also volume to your already fabulous do. But applying your extensions can be a little tricky. That's why we have this detailed how-to guide to help. Please note: This guide is made specifically for clip in extensions. If your extensions do not have clips but you would like to add them, you can browse for clips by clicking here. Once you have your clips, you can sew them onto the weft and follow along with this guide.


STEP 1: Lay out your wefts

Lay out all the wefts from your extension kit. If you have heat-friendly or human hair extensions that you will be straighting or curling, remember to always style them before wearing. Snap them open and get ready to attach.


STEP 2: Sectioning your hair

Section off your hair beginning at the lower back of your head. Keep the hair you sectioned off, out of the way with a large hair clip. This is where the first weft will be attached.


STEP 3: Attach the weft

Line up the weft to the part you made on the lower back of your head. The weft should be wide enough to cover from ear to ear (or close to that). Snap the center clip first so it grips on to your hair and then snap the remaining clips. If the clips are having trouble staying attached, lightly tease your hair along the part.


STEP 4: Checking for gaps

Once the weft has been securely attached run your fingers along the weft to make sure that it is lying flat against your head. If you feel a gap along the weft, snap the clip open and re-adjust before moving onto the next weft.


STEP 5: Create a new part

Next, you will release the hair you clipped out of the way and create a new part. You want to leave about half an inch of room between each weft layer. Once you have created your new part, clip your hair out of the way again.


STEP 6: Snap, clip, and repeat

Repeat steps 3 to 5 with each of the wider wefts in your kit. Blend your natural hair into the extensions with your fingers or a wide tooth comb for a more natural look.


STEP 7: Don't forget the sides

Most extension kits come with smaller 2-3 inch wefts. These smaller wefts are meant to be clipped onto the sides of your head above the ear. With the top section of your hair clipped out of the way, attach the smaller wefts about an inch above your ear. Repeat with the other side.


Now you are done!

Your new look is ready to go.