At, we feel that providing great products and customer service is not our only mission. We are proud to offer products which specially cater to the needs of those suffering from alopecia or cancer. However, we believe that curing the cause of medical hair loss is ultimately the best solution for these special customers. It is our sincere hope that these customers will one day wear wigs for fashion and style versus out of medical necessity.

That's why we partner with different nationally recognized charities to give back. Just type in the coupon code* below into your shopping cart and will donate 10% of your order value to the following causes. Thank you for your help.

VogueWigs Todd Cancer Pavilion Event 2020

VogueWigs At Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 2019

VogueWigs St. Jude Wig Event 2019

VogueWigs PIH Wig Event 2019

VogueWigs Anaheim Regional Medical Center 2019

VogueWigs At Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 2018

VogueWigs Makes A Difference With PIH Health