Gena in the Sally Synthetic Wig Gena in the Sally Synthetic Wig
"This is my 5th time buying the Sally wig by Noriko in the Chestnut color. This wig makes me feel beautiful. I have Alopecia Totalis. When I was 47, I went through metapause and lost all my hair in the shower. This wig makes me feel like my old self. Thank you VogueWigs!" -Gena
Lise in the Textured Cut Synthetic Wig Lise in the Textured Cut Synthetic Wig
"I suffer from alopecia, so I needed a long-term solution for my hair loss. It's a real stab to your self-esteem to lose your hair, so I needed a wig that made me look and feel good about myself. This wig looks so natural - people compliment me daily and ask me who my hairdresser is. That's what you want - a wig that doesn't look like a wig. The cut is cute, modern, and trendy. The darker roots add to the authentic appearance. It can be styled in many ways, and always looks great. It's also very comfortable and easy to care for. I tried several wigs before this one, but they looked fake. This wig allows me to always feel confident and put together, so I can carry on with life." -Lise
Lisa in the H-201 Human Hair Wig Wig Lisa in the H-201 Human Hair Wig Wig
"I've been wearing wigs for about 20 years due to alopecia. This is by far a fave. I've ordered a couple of different colors and both of them are rich and gorgeous. If had any complaints it's that the color does tend to wash out fairly quickly, but not so much that the wig is unwearable. I do have the bangs and back trimmed and shaped. I'm delighted with this wig and while occasionally, I'll order something different, I always come back to this one." -Lisa
Lindsay in the Heidi Lace Front Wig Lindsay in the Heidi Lace Front Wig
"This is the first wig that I actually feel like myself again. I have alopecia and have struggled with finding the perfect wig for over a year now. I got this in fs27 and also had some of the hair trimmed around my face so I could put it in a low ponytail. I have gotten so many compliments on my new hair! Will definitely be ordering another one soon." -Lindsay
Andrea in the Mckenzie Synthetic Wig Andrea in the Mckenzie Synthetic Wig
"This wig is amazing! It looks realistic on me! I liked how I was able to add blue extensions in the back. They were simple clip-on ones and my wig didn't break from them. Everyone was complimenting me on my hair! They kept asking: "Did your hair grow back?" "Did you dye your hair?" No. And No. I got an amazing wig! When I was 12 I entered in a pageant, the day of the pageant my mom was doing my hair and noticed a bald spot on the back of my head. I was really worried. Although I won the pageant, I was still sad. I would wake up and there would be hair on my pillow. We went to the doctor's and after a while they announced that I had Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease. I had to start wearing hats in school and eventually I had to wear wigs. My self-esteem decreased. I hated myself. But then when I got this wig I kinda felt like I had my hair back. It looked natural on me. It was soft and moved nicely. I put the extensions in and everyone adored my hair. I am a natural blonde so when they saw the change they were stunned! But the black looked so well on me I continued to-- my MOM continued to buy me more of this wig. It lasts for a long time! The texture is great and the look is lovely. Thank you Vogue Wigs! You have truly boosted my confidence!" -Andrea
Gaelene in the Scorpio Synthetic Wig Gaelene in the Scorpio Synthetic Wig
"The Scorpio wig is absolutely fabulous, I buy it, put it on and I feel a million dollars. I never have to adjust anything. My favourite colour is Creme Brulee, but I have it in Cherry Cola as well. I have Alopecia Universalis my natural colour is blonde. VogueWigs you are amazing. I live in New Zeland, your service is my lifeline. I get a lot of compliments when I wear my Scorpio by Revlon, it suits any occasion. I even have one that I wear especially to work. Yes, the Scorpio wig, I recommend it! It's classy, easy wearing, easy to maintain and it looks great." -Gaelene
Sabine in the Editor's Pick Lace Front Wig Sabine in the Editor's Pick Lace Front Wig
"Having Alopecia universals for exactly one year now, I have dived into the world of wigs. In the meantime a have a nice collection. Why? because I can't find the style that is "me", comfortable to wear and easy enough to care for. I certainly have learned quite a bit about wigs in general, since I wear them daily. So far, Jon Renau in color 12FS8 has been my "go to" brand. Most recently I bought Editor's pick and Crowd pleaser in color 16-88 (pale golden honey) and I love them both. Raquel's wigs have a much more realistic lace front and the "fullness" of the hair seems more realistic (also the amount of permatease). I love them both although the crowd pleaser seems a little thin on the top almost showing the seam of the lace front. I am sold on editor's pick (although I never had curls before, but I always wanted them). The lace front is great, the hair doesn't constantly fall into the eyes and it's a great loose curl pattern, fitting to about any head size. I have become a Raquel Welch fan! PS. I also wear eyebrow wigs and these are awesome!" -Sabine
Kathi in the Autograph Lace Front Wig Kathi in the Autograph Lace Front Wig
""I have had Alopecia for about 6 years and I have been ordering this specific wig for about 4 years now. It is so natural looking and the coloring is so natural that no one can believe it is a wig. In fact, most of the time I forget that I am wearing a wig!. The lace front feature makes it look like its my own hair coming out of my head and it is comfortable. The price, especially when there is a 30% discount, is great too. Actually, almost every time there is a 30% discount, I buy another one. Please, please, please, do not stop carrying this wig!" -Kathi
Marianne in the Infatuation Synthetic Wig Marianne in the Infatuation Synthetic Wig
"I ordered the Infatuation in the Chestnut color, which is my natural hair color. I have alopecia and the hair on top of my head is thin. I currently am in an expensive hair club, but wanted to start wearing wigs so that when my contract is up, I'm not renewing. This wig looks so much like my real hair that people have said they had no idea it was a wig. It's so easy to take care of. I put my hair up under a liner and put the Infatuation on, and it fits nicely on my head. It's very comfortable and my head doesn't get hot wearing it. You have got to try this one, it's a keeper. I'm going to get adventurous and buy one in another color too!" -Marianne
Laura in the Angelica Synthetic Wig Laura in the Angelica Synthetic Wig
"I have suffered from alopecia from the age of 13. I been using the Angelica for 3 years now. I constantly get comments on what beautiful hair I have. Flows so natural and if you like full long layers, this is the one. Women want to know who does my hair and who does my highlights. I purchase the color almond spice, rooted. The colors are so natural. I don't think ill be switching wigs anytime soon, this is the ONE!" -Laura