Color: RH268

Color: RH268

  • RH268
  • RH268

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2 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.5 on 2 Reviews)


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The Toptress wiglet by estetica is a pull-through wiglet with an elastic band with 5" x 5" base and 4.5"-5" semi-tight curls throughout. This is a beautiful topper to have as the curls are so natural looking!

Hair Brilliance Collection:
Whether it's for fun, fashion or adding volume, our collection of hair pieces and extensions is a great and easy way to enjoy everyday life with style and confidence.
5" x 5" Base

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Toptress Hairpiece by Estetica - $32.00

Overall Rating:
2 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.5 on 2 Reviews)
    Mary Grandview, Mo
    Overall Rating
    June 05, 2014

    I got these pieces to travel with in Ireland , as to not have to fool everyday with my hair/ They were wonderful in the rain, mist , wind . I now ware them everyday in Missouri, where the humidity is awful in summer . Love the color , perfect match when I dye my hair with the multi colors, it always matches. They wash & dry very fast. My life is much easier with my new Do.




    Wish the larger one had the comb clips

    Betty Murry Dequeen, Arkansas 71832
    Overall Rating

    The color is R17/101 and it matches my hair perfectly.I have had many compliments on this hair piece. My daughter didn't even know I was wearing a hair piece. It is so easy to care for I wear it all the time. Just wash it and it dries in a few minutes, comb it or just shake it out and it's ready to go again. It is just wonderful and I LOVE it.


    The only thing I have bad to say is after I bought it I have not been able to find it in your ad and I would like to buy another one for a back up in case something should happen to it. Could you please tell me where I can buy another one? Thanks


Sheryl asked:

1] How is this item worn; how do you attach it to your head or style your hair around it?<br>2] Is R26-613 Golden blond with pale blonde this brand's version of medium blonde? If not, which color is?<br> Trying to 'blend' with fringe bang by Forever Young, butterscotch creme w/Fr vanilla, or HairDo, Golden Wheat....<br> OR, a different bang that you recommend that blends better than either of these 2.<br>3] will this color be replenished in stock in the future?

Hair Gurus: Hello Sheryl,<br><br>To answer your first question the hairpiece attaches to the top of your head, it is meant to make hair appear fuller on top. I believe this will be difficult to blend with a bang.<br><br>For your second question. I believe R26-613 will be the closest to the colors you mentioned. Unfortunately we do not have an estimated time from the manufacturer as to when this color will be available. I do apologize.

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