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Color: 12FS8

Color: 12FS8

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(4.4 on 5 Reviews)


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Top Notch Synthetic Hairpiece by Jon Renau really pumps up the volume! Worn on the crown, this topper integrates with your own hair to add body and give you total styling flexibility.

Double monofilament allows multi directional parting while providing the appearance of natural growth and superior comfort. Its open cap allows for superior ventilation for maximum scalp cooling. The polyurethane strip is there for use with adhesive if needed. The ear tabs allow for customization with bendable wire. It also features adjustable tabs that allow the wearer to adjust the circumference.
2.2 oz
Base 6.75" x 6.5", Hair Length 8"10"

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Top Notch Synthetic Hairpiece by Jon Renau - $204.00

Overall Rating:
5 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.4 on 5 Reviews)
    Overall Rating

    Excellent Topper

    June 17, 2015

    This is quite a lovely topper; I am not good at attaching toppers so it doesn't look the best on me until I get a hang of it, but that's my issue and not the hairpiece. The double monofilament top is well-done and it's nice to see a topper that is a good mid-length as they are usually too long for me. I got the color 6 and it's a nice and dark but with a touch of red. Right out of the box this piece was ready to wear. The clips are comfy and easy to clip into the hair. Just need to figure out how to put it in properly to make it work.

    Mary Oklahoma City, OK
    Overall Rating

    Top Notch is tops

    March 04, 2015

    Just got my top notch today. LOVE IT. Just like it show. My hair is very thin on top and with fine hair this piece is great. Was going to cut bangs but not sure if I need them will wait and see. The only thing I got a worry about it shedding. When I run my hand thru it I have several strands that come out . Hope this will stop. Got FS27, which matched my hair great. It's a med auburn with highlights.


    Right length, very tight feeling, love the color


    Shedding? Hope it stops.

    Sherry Washington
    Overall Rating

    Top Notch is top notch

    January 11, 2015

    My hair is very thin, nearly bald in places on the top of head. My hair never returned to pre-chemo state. I don't need a full wig and prefer not to wear one. This hair piece is a perfect fit for me. It is very light weight which is the best! The five clips hold it securely to my scant, thin hair. It blends very well to what little hair I do possess on top. Dark Chocolate color is a bit darker than I would have liked, but it works as I do dye my own hair and I've easily matched the piece to my own hair. I did have to cut some bangs into the piece as I felt with my lack of hair at the front crown area, it did not look natural. With a small amount of bangs which I can blend into my own few bangs it blends well and looks quite real. The comments I've received are that it looks very real, very natural, just a bit darker than my shade. Overall I would recommend this piece. It fits my needs very well.


    Light weight. Blends easily with your own hair. Stays securely in place with adequate clips. Looks natural.


    Dark Chocolate color a little too dark for my normal shade. More color options, perhaps with a little blended in grey, would be recommended. Cost is expensive as are most wigs/wiglets. I would suggest you wait for sales as I do.

    Lee Redmond, WA
    Overall Rating

    Goregous, high-quality flawless hair Enancer

    January 02, 2015

    This is the best hair enhancer I have ever had. It fits perfectly and integrates flawlessly with your own hair and scalp. The hair and lace front top are impeccably made of the utmost quality and is definitely good value for the price. There is absolutely no way to tell that this hairpiece is not your own hair. The cut is great; professionally cut and styled, adding volume perfectly to the crown without any bulkiness. You can see in the "before" picture below that I have scraggly baby-fine hair with a thinning scalp (making me look older). Adding the Top Notch hairpiece adds exactly the right amount of volume to make my hair look thick and healthy in a completely natural and imperceptible way (see the "after" picture below). The FS12S8 is a beautiful rooted blonde and makes your hair look like you just got an expensive highlight at a top salon. Because I have long hair, in order to get full coverage, I also wear Easihair " HD easiVolume" (color: Crème Soda -14-24) 14 inch extensions which add volume for the longer ends of my hair.


    Awesome professionally-styled cut. Flawless color with beautiful nuances of blonde and natural rooted scalp. High quality hair; wonderfully made hair piece. Great easy to clip-in clips. Not bulky or wiggy.


    I wish Jon Renau would invent a modular version of this where you can attach a halo extension for longer hair; one could buy varying lengths to attach to the hairpiece in order to get maximum coverage for longer hair. The hair piece is slightly shiny but

    Giselle Los Gatos, CA
    Overall Rating


    October 28, 2014

    This piece works well all by itself to give a natural amount of hair which covers the top, sides and back. It has enough clips to give total security and feels weightless. The style is perfect out of the box so you look like someone with good hair and a sophisticated cut. It also looks attractive in a simple up do with a single hair clip and falls right into place when you let it down.


    Great with shoulder length hair; gives you a look of natural perfection.


    A little shiny, but worth it.


Adrianne asked:

What color matches ginger brown?

Hair Gurus: Hey Adrianne,<br>In my opinion, the color R6-30H would be the closest Raquel Welch color to the ginger brown.

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