Christie Brinkley Editor's Choice

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are customers favorites for many reasons. There is virtually no styling needed. Now you can look fabulous every day! Synthetic fibers are "pre-styled", so they can stay curled to perfection or stay straight as a pin! No more fussing with a styling tool daily. Synthetic wigs are also more affordable, so you can change your look every day! These wigs are available in a variety of caps: monofilament tops, fully hand-tied caps or traditional caps.

Synthetic wigs are the cutting edge of wig technology. These chemically formulated fibers are so realistic, no one will be able tell them apart from human hair. There are also heat friendly fibers created by Raquel Welch, Vivica Fox and HairDo. You can style these fibers with heat tools , so you curl and straighten them like real human hair. Other synthetic fibers should not be heated in any way or have the color altered. This can cause permanent damage.

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