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Suzette Synthetic Wig by Henry Margu - $170.00

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9 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4 on 9 Reviews)
    Ruthie kingston Pa
    Overall Rating

    Henry Margu wig ''Suzette''

    February 08, 2015

    I love this 'Suzette wig'' first wig i ever wore ..6 H .now it is being discontinued i am so disappointed i get alot compliments on it, i wanted try few colors in future i had awful time trying find a wig in 2011 my hair thinning got lucky found suzette close how my hair was i only hoped it would be right on my shoulders but this worth it now i will have try find something close to this i always love the top Henry Margu wig ..if anyone knows of anywhere i can purchase any that are left in 8 H color i was going try next pleas let me know, Thank you!

    Jane in Maine Maine
    Overall Rating

    Susan Sarandon Look Alike Hair

    May 20, 2014

    This wig looks just like Susan Sarandon's hair on the cover of AARP magazine. It is glamorous yet very natural looking. I purchased the 130H shade and love it. It is lightweight with a nice airy ventilated, open weave cap.


    My first wig by Henry Margu. It looks like real hair, not wig appearing at all. Extremely comfortable and adjustable straps in the back. I will be back for more from this designer.


    I would suggest that you show the inside of this wig on your site. It is handsomely made.

    Linda Caldwell Carrollton, Ga.
    Overall Rating


    July 09, 2013

    I loved the wig, it was beautiful, but it was to much hair for my head and face. I love full hair, but it was really full. If I could have had it cut and styled to suit me I would have liked it better.

    Janet Jervis Bay Australia
    Overall Rating

    just lovely

    March 14, 2012

    This wig is everything like the pic .. i did have to make a fringe at the front .. it is so lifelike and soft ... the back is gorgeous and the color was amazing .. just the rite shade i like ... other wigs can be very hard to obtain the rite shade ... and to take a risk on the other side of the world is a bit scary but i am so glad i took the chance ... thank you for a lovely wig ....


    all good .. comfy fit ...


    nothing comes to mind

    Barbara Australia
    Overall Rating

    Super Suzette

    February 04, 2012

    I purchased this wig, hoping that it would firstly fit me and secondly that it wouldn't itch. When it arrived, i went to my hairdresser who cuts and styles many wigs, and asked her to cut it to suit my face and age. She did a great job and I have had compliments wherever I've gone. I have now ordered 2 more "Suzette" wigs which I will have styled and will either rotate them regularly or put them away for when the original wears out. I will have to stitch a small comb onto the front, as it slips back because I have very silky hair. Thank you for creating such a lovely product.


    I love the bouncy curls and the colour selected


    It matts pretty quickly and it needs a small comb on the front.

    Jann Billerica,MA
    Overall Rating

    Suzette wig

    October 28, 2011

    I really like this wig, I will have it trimmed and put some bang in it (just a little bang)

    Grace Sacramento CA
    Overall Rating

    Lots of gorgeous hair

    February 07, 2010

    This was my first wig, which looked similar to my own hair after I spent an hour fussing with it — which I wanted the wig to save me from doing. At first I was uncomfortable because I'd never worn a wig before. I couldn't figure out how to get it to sit just right. With practice, I succeeded and wore it to a dinner with friends. They commented on how beautiful it was. One asked me how I got all that hair up under a baseball cap every day (because I wear a hat every day) and I told her it wasn't my hair; it was a wig. She didn't believe me. My hair dresser was also VERY impressed with how beautiful this wig is. It's soft and full of body. I did have some itching with it (because it's new? or new to me?) and I had a hard time finding the right place for the part, but overall this was much better than I was expecting. I think I will get a "daytime" wig now and save this one for special events. I got it in a deep brown color.


    Beautiful, full-bodied, realistic wig; great curls and style. Fooled everyone in it.


    I did itch a little, but I don't know if that's me wearing a wig the first time or if that says something about a wig.

    Marilyn Napa, california
    Overall Rating

    Very Natural Looking

    January 01, 2010

    This was my 2nd synthetic wig. I have been wearing custom hairpieces for a few years. ( real hair with a molded cap that is adhered by tape) I intend to alternate wigs with better hairpieces to keep the monthly costs down.

    Maggie St. Louis
    Overall Rating

    Not quite right

    January 01, 2010

    This is really big hair. Way too much permatease in my opinion to look natural. I was so disappointed, I wanted this style, but it just looks fake.



Do you comb this hair or is it a shake and wear? Will it require special care after washing?


Your synthetic wig can be styled by using a wig comb, or your fingertips. Avoid using a brush designed for human hair. These brushes can create excessive tension, over-stretching the hair with abrasive strokes that may damage the hair. The wigs we carry are “shake & wear” and can be styled by simply using a wide tooth comb or your fingertips. The best styling tool is the most inexpensive; a spray bottle of clean, cool water. Lightly spritz your wig with water to remove static electricity and return your wig to its original look. To achieve style variations, liquid wig mousse is an essential styling tool. For curly or wavy styles, just mousse, hand scrunch, and pick the style into curls. On straight styles, to minimize tangling use a wide tooth comb and brush starting from the ends and moving towards the root.<br>

Hair Gurus answered on February 14, 2013

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