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34 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.8 on 34 Reviews)

This product has been discontinued.

This item is not returnable

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Styleable Headband Fall Hair Extensions by hairdo - $79.00

Overall Rating:
34 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.8 on 34 Reviews)
    Mary-Ruth Dowd Australia
    Overall Rating

    Title appropriate for the product

    April 30, 2012

    I was very pleased with this item. The thickness was impressive, as was the length. I actually cut it to a mid Bob length which suits me better. It is easy to apply and comfortable to wear. No-one realizes it's not real - it matches my own color really well. I get lots of compliments on my hair done with a headband! I often place cloth headbands over the top of the attached band to color co-ordinate with clothing and keep 'look' fresh. It looks very natural and the sale price is great too. Because my own hair is difficult to grow now, due to hormone issues, it enables me to cover this deficiency which has increased my confidence. I wear it everyday - whether for work, recreation or leisure. It washes and wears well. I'm thrilled. Thank you to 'Jessica Simpson' and 'Vogue Wigs'.


    Length. Thickness. Colour. Naturalness. Ease of fit. Versitility. Easy care. Comfortable.



    Jan Louisville, Ohio
    Overall Rating

    Jessica Simpson headband fall extensions

    January 30, 2012

    I love the headband fall extension by Jessica Simpson! The color matches my hair perfectly (R830-Ginger brown/light red brown) and the fit is great. I had tons of compliments the first time I wore it. I had a little trouble the first time I tried to curl it,but learned that if you take just very small sections of hair, it curls much easier. i have never had very good luck with hair pieces in the past, but I am very happy with this product and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Lana SANTA ANA, CA
    Overall Rating

    truly 'up and go'

    December 31, 2011

    I have ordered the dark chocolate colour (R6). I purposely chose a lighter colour than my real hair colour but as it covered almost the whole head, it's a very convenient way for anyone who wants to have 1 or 2 shade lighter without going through the colouring process.Foremost, the statement 'up and go' is true in every single word, no more bad hair day, no more worries about thinning hair. I personally prefer to style it outward as shown in first picture, sexy hair yet elegant.

    Jill Blake Denver, Colorado
    Overall Rating


    August 01, 2011

    love it got so many compliments wear it all the time

    Faithg7 New York, NY
    Overall Rating

    Looks natural!!!

    June 25, 2011

    This is great fall. Looks very natural.


    Easy to use.


    Hair gets stuck in Velcro.

    Jessica lerona, west virginia
    Overall Rating

    LOved It !!

    May 26, 2011

    I did return this hair piece however it was not due to the quality or anything like that I loved it the hair was thick and beautiful The only thing I didn't like about the piece was that where it was with a band I couldn't have any bangs down and I look too funny with my hair slicked back I believe I have a big So if it wasn't for that I would have kept the wig and wore everyday, It would be great for someone who loves wearing their hair straight back with a band it was real easy to put on and thick real beautiful I was sad I had to send back.

    Loredana NYC
    Overall Rating

    Fantastic way to change look in a moment

    May 16, 2011

    I'm very satisfied, this extension are a good way to change look for a event, or daily.

    Mom of 3 Bay Area, CA
    Overall Rating

    My Favorite Hair Extension

    May 15, 2011

    I LOVE this Headband Hair Extension. It's easy to have a good hair day - just put it on, lightly comb, viola you're done! The only advice is to match your natural hair to the extensions as close as possible. Use the 3 combs to secure it to your own hair (I never had a problem with it slipping off.) The biggest compliment is when my husband ask if it's my real hair or not - honestly! The hairs look realistic, not shiny and fake. I'd buy a back up one when I save up extra money.

    Jules Toronto, Ontario Canada
    Overall Rating

    Awesome It looks real and it is beautiful definetly recommend it

    April 14, 2011

    I have above shoulder length hair and it is very thin when I put this on I felt awesome and I got so many great coments from friends, The colour matched perfectly.


    everything, it looks real and the colour is great and the headband doesn't hurt like some headbands do when I wear them for a long time


    everything, it looks real and the colour is great and the headband doesn't hurt like some headbands do when I wear them for a long time

    Jessica Santa Cruz, CA
    Overall Rating

    Great Transition Piece

    April 13, 2011

    I recently cut off all my dyed hair to grow it out naturally and hate having super short hair. This is a great transition while my hair is growing out. I wear it nearly all the time and style it different ways. It is amazing how well it matches my "dirty dishwater" blonde/ashy hair that shows in the front.



can other headbands be used with this? How does it attach to the headband?


This comes with 2 headbands that are specifically designed to attach to the hairpiece. The hairpiece is attached to the headband with a Velcro strip.

Hair Gurus answered on November 08, 2011


how do i know the colors is come in?


The item Styleable Headband Fall Hair Extensions by Jessica Simpson hairdo is a discontinued item. It is no longer available in any color.

Hair Gurus answered on August 03, 2012


Will this headband extension be ccoming back? I love this!


No, this item is now a discontinued item.

Hair Gurus answered on December 07, 2012

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