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  • You must join our VIP Rewards program to earn these benefits.

  • Points become available for redemption 30 days after the order has shipped.

  • Gift Certificates can not be comibined online with any other Voguewigs coupon codes. However, please call or email us and we will gladly combine your promtions if eligible.

  • Approved reviews should be 40 words or longer and give specifics about what you liked or didn’t like about the product reviewed.

* Points will not be awarded for exchanged or return items. We reserve the right to deduct points if purchases are submitted for exchange. Reviews made prior to account creation will not be awarded points. Points for reviews will only be applied for actual purchase of the product reviewed.
How do I sign up?
Click here to create an account. Fill out the information to login to your VIP Rewards account. If you want to apply points from your past order use the same email address you used for those orders. Then START SHOPPING! *Remember to login every time you place an order.

I just signed up for the VIP Rewards Program; can I get points for past orders?
You can receive points for purchases made up to 1 year prior to joining our VIP Rewards program! As long as your prior orders were all placed using the same email address, points will be accumulated under that email address. When you create your Rewards account, please use the same email address as previous orders.

I redeemed my points but changed my mind and save them for later. Can you apply them back to my account?
Unfortunately, we are unable to refund VIP Reward Points after they have redeemed. Once a gift VIP Reward has been issued, we aren’t able to cancel or refund the points. VIP Reward Points cannot be "refunded" back to a user’s account for any reason.

Can I apply my VIP Reward to my past order?
We can apply your VIP Reward within 10 days from the original date of purchase. Please contact a Hair Guru to process this request for you.

How do I view my accumulated points?
To view your current Available Points, click on "My Account" link at the top of our website. Log into your account and go to the "My Rewards" tab. At the top your Available Points will be shown.

When will my points be available to redeem?
Points earned through purchases can be redeemed 30 days after the order has shipped. Points earned for writing approved reviews will be applied to your account immediately. All points are redeemable for a VIP Reward after they have reached at least 200 points.

I want to apply multiple VIP Reward’s and/or a promotion to my new order, how do I do that?
We can only accept one code during check out. However, we will gladly combine your VIP Reward to your order. If eligible, we can also combine the current promotion to your order. Please contact a Hair Guru to process this request for you.

My product review wasn’t approved. Why not?
We love reading customer reviews and would like to publish all of them on our web site. However, there are a few reasons why our editors choose not to publish certain customer reviews. The most common reason is that the review may not be descriptive enough or deemed helpful to other customers.

Can I apply my VIP Reward to an exchange?
Yes. The points earned for the purchase of an item are deducted if the product is returned. Points will also not be additionally granted for items processed for an exchange. Please read our exchange policy for details on exchanging your item.

Coupon Codes, promotions and VIP Reward’s received are non-transferable to new exchange orders. VIP Reward’s are surrendered upon purchase.

More questions?
If you have any other questions about our VIP Rewards Program that weren’t answered here, contact us.

The Voguewigs VIP Reward Program is void where prohibited by law. Voguewigs reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time and without cause or notice. Points are not redeemable for cash. Abuse of this program may lead to account suspension, cancelled orders or point deductions.

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