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(4.5 on 8 Reviews)


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Pony Swing Human Hair is the human hair version of the Pony Swing. By Wig Pro, this claw clip addition features silky straight human hair. This 100% human hair wig features Optimum Cuticle® construction.

Optimum Cuticle Hair has been treated yet not compromised to achieve the best performance with neat identical cuticle status. Optimum Cuticle Hair is the complete hair strand (including the cuticle) that retains its ability to remain tangle free and more of its original luster. It is referred by many as "Remy", "Virgin" or "Cut Hair". Wig Pro is the only company to offer customers finely crafted 100% Optimum Cuticle Hair in wig and hair solutions.

The Wig Pro Collection is designed to meet demands of customers who seek the finest products available while maintaining excellent values. Years of research and experience have contributed to the excellence in materials, constructions, appearance and comfort that are staples of the Wig Pro Collection. As the American leader in Optimum Cuticle Hair wigs and hairpieces, Wig Pro delivers unparalleled quality in a distinctive selection of styles. The hand-tied monofilament cap, or Mono Top, offers the most natural looking and versatile appearance on the critical crown area. For those seeking the ultimate in comfort, Wig Pros fully hand-tied models deliver unsurpassed luxury. A generous selection of hairpieces and extensions completes Wig Pros palette of options to create natural, undetectable looks. Wig Pro stands of quality produce lightweight, comfortable wigs with unsurpassed color consistency. They use the finest combination of material and construction to make their wigs a pleasure to see and feel.
2.5 oz
Human Hair
Overall 16"
human hair

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Pony Swing Human Hair Hairpiece by Wig Pro - $372.50

Overall Rating:
8 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.5 on 8 Reviews)
    Reg Long Island
    Overall Rating

    How cool is THIS?

    December 10, 2013

    I recently got the worst haircut ever. The beautician razored my baby fine curly hair to give me that long lob look and instead it gave me no hair and what I have left poofs up like a bad 80s do. I didn't want to go out in public like that so I bought this pony tail.. It's worth the extra money for the real human hair because my last synthetic turned into a rat's nest after a week. Like the other reviewer said, I also was able to die it to match my hair color and it's completely believable. I leave some of my hair loose in the front and wear it with big earrings and flat ironed it looks like the straight version of the Legend wig by Rachel Welch, which I love. It's soft like real hair because it is real hair.


    I was able to die it myself to match my own hair color, which is a light golden brown.


    I ordered this in light golden brown #12 but it was actually a strawberry blond and was completely off. I was very successful with dying it, though.

    Kathy Garland Azalea Oregon
    Overall Rating

    just like perfect hair

    September 20, 2013

    I love it, the only thing I wish I did was look at it before I took the tags off, as around the whole there is all new cut hair on top so it looks poorly done. Otherwise its nice I've taken naps in them, and where it all different styles.I'm getting married on valentines day and this is why I bought it. It don't mat up underneath like thee human wrap pony tails and it matches my hair perfect.

    Sylvia Santa Fe
    Overall Rating

    Love it! Love it!

    July 31, 2012

    This was one of the best purchases I've ever made. I am trying to grow out my hair and it is in a very awkward stage. This pony makes life so much easier for me, and my only wish is that there were more styles I could clip on, for example: a braided pony. I would buy every style! The color matches my highlighted hair perfectly. The Customer Service I received when I initially ordered the wrong color was fantastic, and I could just not be happier with Vogue Wigs and with this Pony Swing


    Color, Natural look to the texture of the hair


    Wish there were more styles available, especially a braided pony

    Kayapeterson Illinois
    Overall Rating

    Good idea

    June 11, 2012

    I really want one so I'm ordering pne


    Its cool



    Angla Newcastle Oklahoma
    Overall Rating

    Human Hair Pony Swing

    May 19, 2012

    So far the quality of the hair is geat. i ordered it in color 8. It looks longer in the photo and I do wish it were longer. It is soft, but sure wish it were longer.


    soft and good color


    looks longer in photo wish the hair was longer, don't like how it is attached at the top of comb kind of seperates at top. Wish it was fuller as well

    Happy in DC Washington, DC
    Overall Rating

    Love it, Love ME in it!

    September 30, 2011

    The clip is very easy and my previous sythetic ponytail doesn't even come close to being wonderful. This feels so much better and I had it dyed to a complete match. My sythetic ponytail was about $80 but didn't make it beyond 3-4 months before it got ratty like doll hair. I can already tell the difference with this human hair ponytail. When I go a little darker or lighter, my hairdresser told me she can color and away we go! This is my go to hair accessory for rushed mornings or when I want something different.


    Feel, texture, length and that clip is so easy. More important I can dye it for a perfect match.


    nothing so far

    Sue Best Australia
    Overall Rating

    pony swing human hair

    January 01, 2010

    Love it. So easy to attach. Color match was great too.


    So easy to attach

    dianne tooby Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia
    Overall Rating

    great Wig

    January 01, 2010

    This wig was for my friend who has cancer. She had lost all the length of her hair and was embarrassed to go out in public. The wig has changed all that.


Sarah asked:

Does this hairpiece have a drawstring?

Hair Gurus: The Pony Swing Human Hair Hairpiece by Wig Pro is just a Jawclip hair piece. Unfortunately this does not have a drawstring but please look through our drawstring items by placing "Drawstring Hairpieces" in the Search engine on our website.
Jessica asked:

I want to color this hair piece to match my red hair. Which shade should I choose for the best results? For my clip in extensions I used platinum blonde natural hair.<br>

Hair Gurus: Color 613 would work for this hair piece.
sherry asked:

how long is the ponytail

Hair Gurus: The Pony Swing Human Hair Hairpiece by Wig Pro is an over all length of 16 inches long.

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