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For years, you have searched for a wig that is capable of matching the appearance of natural hair. But the feel, density and movement of the hair always seems to be slightly off. All of these issues have been addressed in our LUXHAIR NOW collection. World-renowned actress and comedienne Sherri Shepherd endorses the brand, and for good reason — other wigs tend to appear inauthentic when worn, largely due to the inferior process that’s used to create them. But the LUXHAIR collection is unlike any of its predecessors because it harnesses the power of a proprietary technology. Never before has an inorganic wig mimicked natural hair so closely. You simply won’t be able to tell the difference between the two when you wear these silky, natural-looking wigs — and neither will anyone else.

Using Keralon Plus and Keralon Light, two exclusive technologies that are solely available in this line of wigs, we give all of the products in this collection uncommon luster, texture and other authentic-looking properties that are normally reserved for real human hair. Why should you have to stress yourself with the burden of maintaining your hair with conditioners, shampoos and other hair treatments, only to not be able to change between lengths and styles with the same rapidity that fashion evolves at? Using these wigs gives you access to all of the trendiest hair styles without actually having to wait for your hair to recover from a potentially drastic transformation. Every night can bring with it a new hair style. Few people have the luxury of being able to change their appearance so easily, but with our wigs, you can create a new look in a moment’s notice.

You’ll never have to wonder about whether your wig looks real — it does. All of your admirers will quickly confirm that fact for you. And with the affordable prices that these wigs come with, you won’t have to settle for just one style. Experiment with all of the available options to find the one that meets all of your needs.

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