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Nicole Monofilament Wig by Wig Pro - $224.00

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The top is mono but is the entire cap hand-tied? or is the cap (aside from mono top) thin wefting?


A monofilament top is made in such a way that gives the look of a natural scalp by allowing the natural scalp color of the wearer to show through. Monofilament caps are typically made of thin mesh-like material, usually of nylon or polyester. Due to hairs usually being attached by hand tying at the crown, these caps usually give the most natural look. Wigs are thus easier to style and more versatile due to the attachment method. Much like real hair, the wig can be parted or brushed in any direction. These soft cap wigs are good for easily irritable scalps. Due to the natural look of the wig, it is also highly recommended for severe and total hair loss individuals.

Hair Gurus answered on February 10, 2012

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