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Lauren is a classic, page style wig with full bangs. This wig has a full monofilament top where the hair originates. Henry Margu Petite Solutions is an exclusive line of wigs designed for children, teens, and ultra-petite women.

Monofilament Top
A Monofilament Top (Mono Top) is produced with an extremely sheer mesh used to make a transparent base that creates a realistic looking scalp area and is then hand knotted with individual fibers to simulate the appearance of natural hair growth. The fiber in the Mono area also allows for multidirectional styling and parting the hair on the left, right or center creating amazing styling versatility and resulting in an extremely natural looking appearance. A Mono Top feels smoother against the scalp than a Traditional or Open Cap and more comfortable as a result. Often a Mono Top will have a polyurethane strip in the front of the mono area to help create a more secure fit.
3 oz
Front 3", Side 5", Nape 1", Crown 12"
Ultra Petite

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Lauren Synthetic Wig by Henry Margu - $245.00

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Kelley McLaughlin asked:

Can the hair in this wig be cut so that it looks more like a little girl's short hair style?

Hair Gurus: Of course, we recommend going to a stylist and having them trim it.
diane cristo asked:

What is the diameter of this wig? Most places list how large it is around. Like 19 inches around or 21 &1/2 inches around? I am a young woman with a small head who needs a wig. I've already lost my hairrand having trouble. and its cost me over 60 dollars already to return one wig due to the poor fit. This info would help me decide to order or not. I cant afford to reship back or the restock fee so this info is crucial. Thank you. <br><br>

Hair Gurus: Hello Diane.<br><br>Please click this link for the proper way to measure your head for a wig. <br><br>http://www.voguewigs.com/how-do-i-measure-my-head-for-a-wig.html

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