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Lady Gaga is more than just one of the most talented musical artists in the history of music, she also often receives praises for having the ability to write and perform songs in a theatrical way. Lady Gaga says that it was when she discovered David Bowie and Queen that she realized it was possible to combine rock, pop and theater. She took the music world by storm with her creative sound and style.

Many people say that she is a walking piece of art. Not many people could pull off some of the looks that Gaga wears. Today, she continues to perform pop-rock songs while dressed in outrageous and stylish outfits matching her hair that she says are inspired by her fashion icons, Peggy Bundy and Donatella Versace. Before she was a mega star, Gaga rocked her natural brunette locks with soft bangs and we still love this look on her. These days we are constantly on edge waiting to see what her next fashion move will be.

When she released her first single we all remember her platinum blonde locks and blunt bangs. This became a huge hairstyle trend that every girl was wearing. And who could forget that blonde bow on top of her head? Some styles are truly unforgettable and Lady Gaga has plenty of those to look at! From out of this world hair creations, two-tone shades, every color you can imagine and even bald, you name it she has rocked it!
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