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Kris Synthetic Wig by Jaclyn Smith - $110.00

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3 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(5 on 3 Reviews)
    Viola Montana
    Overall Rating

    Love it

    October 06, 2013

    I have this wig in Auburn Sugar. The hair looks and moves like real hair. The color is gorgeous. It was a little too long to be believable for me so I cut off about 4 inches and it is perfect.

    J. Ann New York
    Overall Rating

    It Looks Realistic.

    October 03, 2013

    I wanted a wig that looked close to my own hair, as I'm going through chemo. This wig is in the style of my own hair. I own two of these wigs. One wig is the one shown on Jaclyn Smith, B8-27. The other color is a medium golden brown or number 8 color. I like the number 8 color , even if it shows a bit darker than the color wheel sample I have. The other color comes off a bit too brassy. No one can tell this is a wig. The hair isn't so thick that it looks like a wig. She has nice styles and I would recommend these wigs for the price. I gave the wig 5 stars for what it is. It was on sale for $110 and it looks better than real hair wigs I have owned in the past. The cap fits me perfectly. It's a tad on the small side, which is what I needed. The only complaints I have is there is no monofilament part and the part is a bit messy and nubby feeling. It's hard to adjust the Velcro straps in the back with the wig on your head, as hair gets caught in the Velcro. The bangs are way too thin and wispy. They look nothing like they do in the pictures. I had to cut a lot more bang to get the look I wanted. The wig looks more like a flip than the style shown. It does not look like the picture, but I did not care, as it mostly was what I wanted and I cut it the way I liked. I find that the wig rides up and does not stay on well, so you need a gripper for the wig, even if you have hair. The wig looks more like what the blond model is wearing, than what is shown on Jacklyn Smith. If you are experienced with cutting and styling wigs, then this wig has a lot you can work with to make it your own. I don't feel it looks good right out of the box, but for the price, once it's the way you want, it's hard to tell this is a wig. It's realistic looking and no one knows I'm wearing a wig. I wear it with one inch headbands that help the wig stay put and flatten it to my head. Clips, hairbands and such make wigs look more realistic sometimes. It seems I listed a lot of cons to this wig, but for the price, I would recommend this wig and have a hair stylist make it your own. I give it 5 stars for realistic and the other things I worked around.


    Realistic looking and that is the biggest pro. Available in a lot of colors. Great price. Easy to cut to your liking. It has ear tabs and is adjustable in the back. The cap fits well. The bangs are nice and long, so you can do a lot with them. But for the


    The way too thin and wispy bangs are the biggest con. It does not look like it does on Jacklyn Smith. No monofilament part, so the part has the 'messy' look. The cap rides up too much. Larger solid ear tabs would prevent this. The Velcro adjustable straps

    Maureen Lemon Grove, CA
    Overall Rating

    Sassy and gorgeous color!

    January 01, 2010

    I purchased color B8-27 and it's a winner. The color is naturally multi dimensional brunette and compliments fair/bit pink complexion nicely. It falls casually across the forehead and has just enough volume and a cute shape. Would highly recommend!


    Color B8-27 is stunning

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