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(4.4 on 23 Reviews)
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Katarina Synthetic Drawstring Hairpiece by Forever Young - $20.95

Overall Rating:
23 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.4 on 23 Reviews)
    K Orange County, CA
    Overall Rating


    September 23, 2014

    I love the ease of this piece! I go from blah to AHHH in seconds! I wear it upside down, too! I dyed my hair dark and needed some new dark pieces! It looks real and I am so happy I have it!


    Looks real! Great colors!


    Sheds...but not much!

    Rapeeporn coffeyville, Kansas
    Overall Rating

    I love to have a pony tail

    September 14, 2014

    I bought this one and tried it ,it. is quite beautiful

    Lianne Toronto, Ontario
    Overall Rating

    Sexy ponytail

    September 09, 2013

    Just the right 'flip' and a longer style that is good for something sexy and glamorous, if you want. I've also been experimenting with wearing it upside-down for a more wild, shorter, layered look. I ordered 24B-613 (blonde with golden streaks). This colour is a spot-on match to my own hair and the hair pieces are full and thick--cannot see the clip or net cap or whatever. I love Forever Young stuff (see my other reviews for clip-ons) and I have spent a ton of $$ over the years trying to get the right colour, the right quality and the right price from other places. I have often paid around $30-$40 for something like this but then I get out into the real light and it's not the right colour-- Ahhh! I am presently a big fan of Forever Young (and Vogue wigs). They save me oodles of time everyday. I usually take the jaw clip out (too small) and use drawstring and a few bobby pins.


    thick, realistic colour, not fake or too shiny, fabulous price


    I usually find Forever Young's jaw clip a bit small and I always take them out (my hair is shoulder length). Can replace with your own bigger jaw or use the drawstring inside (that works for me). I would buy this again.

    Jaycee Colorado
    Overall Rating


    August 09, 2013

    Totally love this one! Needs a lot of practice when securing it to your head. Use bobby pins to secure and hide the drawstring. Otherwise, it's awesome.

    Valerie Ohio
    Overall Rating

    5 stars

    March 11, 2013

    Great hair piece! I bought it for my daughter who is a dancer and has short hair. This stays secure while used in a bun or as a pony tail. I made things so much easier for us at competitions.


    Looks good, performs well and is priced right!

    Lin California
    Overall Rating

    Love, love ,love this.

    February 16, 2013

    I think I was 5 since I've had long hair. I have enjoyed this hairpiece so much, I've worn this everyday. My, who is very critical, says it looks fabulous..Im sooo excited. Its adorable, and cannot beat the price. Only thing, I will have to get wig cleaner, but that would be needed anyway. If undecided, purchase can always return it.


    Jaw clamps, easier than the wrap kind of hair.


    I seem to have to brush it quite a bit, because I like to have flipped up. But really not a hassle. Love all about this piece.

    geraldine manalapan, nj
    Overall Rating

    Very thick full hair piece

    February 05, 2013

    It is very thick and very shiny if you have thin hair, this is not for you. I needed to cut it into 4 ponytails and added 4 new combs now it is perfect. I also had to shampoo it a few times to get that shine out.

    zita connolly key west, fl
    Overall Rating


    January 30, 2013

    love it, makes me look 10 years younger, all my friends want one


    easy to put on



    redhead cincinnati, oh
    Overall Rating

    so pretty

    May 21, 2012

    I really like this hairpiece, the texture is smooth and looks natural. I'm going to have to secure with pins on the side to be sure it stays. Love the color too! i think it looks very elegant with a sparkly headband.


    the color and smoothness and length


    the combs are a little small,its not like a jaw clip

    shirley de winter holland
    Overall Rating

    pretty !

    February 29, 2012

    this piece is pretty, and easy to apply


    it is easy when you are in a hurry





Im Trying to find a ponytail drawstring wavy in this color that I think will match my hair which is light brown/blonde and a touch of gray. What do you have in this color...8/12/24BHL


The Forever Young Line does not have any hairpieces with grey in it. The color 8/12/24BHL is considered a Light Chestnut Brown mixed with Light Golden Brown highlighted with Butterscotch Creme Blonde and does not have any grey in it. <br>Unfortunately, the brands that we carry on our site do not have any long wavy ponytails with any grey in them.

Hair Gurus answered on February 02, 2012

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