Motown Tress

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3 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(5 on 3 Reviews)

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Jardin Synthetic Wig by Motown Tress - $35.95

Overall Rating:
3 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(5 on 3 Reviews)
    Christine Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Overall Rating


    July 04, 2013

    Fits perfectly and looks very good.

    Roxann Arizona
    Overall Rating

    Winner !!!

    April 03, 2013

    Ok Ladies this is the "one" I have bought many wigs that had some sort of issue from the hair shedding a lot, being too shiny or just that 'fake' look .This wig is near perfect it wears well and looks like my own hair ,this is my second purchase after all nothing lasts forever . I found something that works.


    It looks good on me.


    Wish this wig style came in human hair.

    Anz Kansas City, MO
    Overall Rating


    January 01, 2010

    This is my First Wig I have ever purchased! I'm a bit of a fashionista/business woman and I wanted this Chic look so bad, and what a better way than to buy a wig to see if this haircut would be suitable! This Wig is Sooooo soft and stays nicely placed with clips under the tracks. Everyone believed I cut my hair and it brings out a totally different side to me. I got the color's definitely dark but not jet black, but it looks black. I LOVE IT THOUGH! It's kind of thin at the back but because my natural hair is dark, you can't tell any difference. I definitely recommend this wig. I'm so happy about my purchase!


    Softness of Hair


Q. asked:

does this wig have a natural looking part in it!!

Hair Gurus: No, this item is not a monofiliment item. Please look for an item that has this feature to receive a natural party.
Hair Gurus: The Jardin is a Chin length bob, with a side swept bang and side skin part with flex cap construction for the ultimate in style and comfort.
Cherri asked:

Is this wig heat resistant. If so, to what temperature? Also, how long is it?

Hair Gurus: Hello Cherri,<br><br>Thank you for your inquiry. I do apologize for the delay in response.<br><br>Your item and available colors can be viewed here:<br><br>This item is a synthetic wig, and is not allowed any hot tools as it may damage the fiber unless other wise noted.<br><br>Please be advised, I do suggest Human Hair items if you are wanting to use hot tools. Raquel Welch also has synthetic fibers that can be used with heat at a low setting.<br><br>I have filtered a search for these items for you:<br><br>

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