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21 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.7 on 21 Reviews)
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Impulsive Synthetic Hairpiece by Easihair - $73.20

Overall Rating:
21 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.7 on 21 Reviews)
    Andie Boston
    Overall Rating

    Works great on smaller heads, and looks real on dark hair

    August 11, 2014

    I love how it looks!!!


    Realistic, sexy, and lots of compliments!


    The head band should be more flexible.

    Susan Christchurch, New Zealand
    Overall Rating

    I love impulsive by easihair, so natural and colour 4 is a great colour match!

    June 27, 2014

    So impressed by the prompt, efficient service I receive and very quick delivery to New Zealand. I'm pleased to say also that the last three I've ordered have had a more comfortable fit on the previously, rather tight fitting headband. I would like to see however the lower part of the hairpiece a bit thicker and bouncier in the curl, as it's inclined to part. My first ones, when I first began purchasing this piece were thicker.

    Andrea Meriden, CT
    Overall Rating

    Great addition piece for bad hair days

    June 25, 2014

    I slip this on so many times when I can't get my hair together. It is a nice full piece- I had it shortened a bit- very easy to do. It is my turn to piece! Hair never tangles and has a great finish.


    So easy to put on, thick with nice finish, natural looking.


    Band does get uncomfortable after awhile. It would be perfect if they allowed a bit of flexibility so it would not be so tight.

    Tami. littlerock, california
    Overall Rating

    headband fall extension natural black .never

    June 17, 2014

    Never write review before. I buy thise wig because price was right chip.when open box was surprised color was perfect , fells like real hair, band nice and soft .l wear this wig all day fells good.its little shiny for me, but not that bad .It easy to put on and fast. You do not need to straggle, just put on and go.l am sure not every body gonna liked, but l really do.it perfect for me.

    Liz Maryland
    Overall Rating


    February 09, 2014

    This piece is beautiful. It is bounce and soft. It has enough curls. Not over killed. You have to shake it when taken out of the box to get the full effect of the curls. The head band is black velvet. No need to worry because it is secure to the head. Nice quick look. I am purchasing the one with straight hair. Thank you Easihair for this great product.


    Great price for a great piece.


    Like must synthetic hairs, it is a bit shinny.

    Shopper NY
    Overall Rating

    Very useful addition!

    January 17, 2014

    I wore this for a concert and it looked great. I got compliments wearing it. The color 6-33 matched my hair perfectly. Very easy to put on. The head band has small "teeth" inside, that help avoid slipping. I was worried that the band would be too tight, because I usually have that problem with head bands, but this one is all right. I have to reposition it a little from time to time to prevent discomfort.


    Pretty, very easy to put on, color matches great



    Robin Bear, DE
    Overall Rating

    Love it!

    November 26, 2013

    This is the absolute best piece I have purchased so far.


    Quick, easy, looks real, stays in well

    Gwen Washington, D.C.
    Overall Rating

    Perfect Solution for "Bad Hair Days" !

    August 18, 2013

    "Impulsive" is a hard-headband wig, which does start to pinch after a few hours... but hard-headband wigs are so much easier to put on than stretchy-headband wigs, and stay in place better. The coloring is so closely matched to my own hair, and the style so natural-looking, that it has become my Go-To piece for those Bad Hair Days (when I sleep too late to wash and style my hair, but still need to look professional for a business meeting). Yes, it's a drawback that the headband is not changeable to other colors (Easihair needs to create a version that allows one to change headband colors to at least Navy Blue, Red, and Ivory or White), but I simply choose a black outfit to wear on days when I'm wearing this piece. Also, it is a little too long to look convincing as my own hair, since I wear my real hair a little shorter than this... So I am going to remedy this by having my hairstylist cut it to look like my own natural length. (This is a simple solution that people sometimes overlook, but stylists are happy to do it, and you get a much more convincing piece out if it). All in all, I'm very happy with the look of this piece, and I intend to wear it often, especially after I have it cut to my own length.


    Perfect color match; lifelike-looking hair.


    Hard headband is too tight, and pinches the head.

    Barbara Calhoun, Georgia
    Overall Rating

    Impulsive, is the best....

    July 20, 2012

    I ordered this in 27MB and the color matches my hair perfect. This is a great piece. It is just the right length and I just love it. So easy to use, It has a headband and I slide it on, and it looks perfect. My family says it looks great on me and you can't tell that it is not my hair because it matches so well. I love everything about it. The headband is not to tight on me, it is just right.


    I love the color, the length , the easy way that it curls, it is just perfect for me.


    I love this piece, I have no complaints.

    Wendy Houston tx
    Overall Rating

    Impulsive Hairpiece by easihair

    February 20, 2012

    My name is wendy from Houston Tx i was 100% happy with the blonde hairpiece easy to attach it comes with a very nice head band & looke's so great . what i liked about the easihair is you can see your own hair at the front & to me that make's it look so fantastic


    looks so real.



Can I straighten and recurl this wig with a curling iron on low setting?


Hello Susan,<br><br>Unfortunately this item is not a heat friendly synthetic fiber. You would not be able to use a curling iron or straightening iron on it.

Hair Gurus answered on October 08, 2014

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