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Inspired by the popular hairstyle of Hollywood star Halle Berry, this wig has the same spikey layered look. Halle is so lightweight, comfortable, and stylish that you can wear it everyday.

Utilizing breakthrough wig making methods, the Jon Renau O’solite collection offers the lightest, most comfortable wigs on the market. Wigs in this exclusive Jon Renau line weigh up to 50% less than traditional wigs by the use of lighter materials and machine-back open cap construction (also referred to as “capless”).
  • Always Naturally Gorgeous - O’solite wigs achieve amazingly natural lift and movement. They are as soft and manageable as real hair, with enough body and memory to retain their shape right out of the box, every time.
  • Cool, Soft, Secure Fit - Open cap construction allows superior ventilation to keep your scalp cool. This design also reduces the cap weight of each wig, for a more secure fit.
  • Lightweight For Ultimate Comfort - O'solite wigs, weighing as little as 1.65 ounces, eliminate the pressure and friction you might feel from a heavier traditional wig. O'solite wigs provide maximum comfort with minimum weight.
1.9 oz
Bangs 3.5", Crown 4", Sides 3", Nape 2.5"

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Halle Synthetic Wig by Jon Renau - $114.65

Overall Rating:
1 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(5 on 1 Reviews)
    Suzy Clancy Canada
    Overall Rating


    August 31, 2013

    I love Jon Renau wigs and this is my 4th one...I can do so many styles with it; professional, funky and spikey and the colour 14/24 is a beautiful blend of blondes..there is no shine to it, to make it look wiggy, and the osolite cap is just that...very light and great for keeping cool. I think that if I could afford it, I would order tons of wigs to make up for the miserable years I spent spending money to have a very thin boy cut, due to medical reasons. I thought there was too much hair on my Halle, but it is so easy to style with fingers, combs or just a shake. Thanks again Vogue....wish I had a going to send one in on my Winner wig on Tuesday, along with another review and am awaiting two is my first bob and longer than usual and in a reddish blonde.


    soft, great colour, a variety of styles and lots of hair but not overly so; also cap makes it cool.


    not much variety of colours for this wig.


Shirley Dampier asked:

I will be losing due to having to take a cancer drug. Would I better to wear this wig without any trouble since I won't have any hair. Shirley Dampier

Hair Gurus: Yes of course! This wig comes in the Average Cap size which measures heads of 21.5"-22.5". We do recommend our Hair U Wear Wig Cap Liner for our customers with little to no hair for a more secure and comfortable fit.

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