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Hair U Wear's Wet Line Shaping Spray is specially formulated for synthetic and human hair. This non-aeresol holding mist provides firm, yet flexible hold.

Introducing Hair U Wear's Wet Line, a professional line of wig care products engineered for today's demanding environments and designed to extend the life, lustre, and texture of your wig or hair extensions.

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Hair U Wear Shaping Spray Holding Mist by Hair U Wear - $18.00

Overall Rating:
39 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.7 on 39 Reviews)
    Phyllis Liberty, NY
    Overall Rating
    April 02, 2015

    Quite expensive but does work great. Lasts a long time and can be used on real hair as well.



    Eloise Guffey, CO
    Overall Rating
    January 09, 2015

    I uses the "Hair U Wear Shaping Spray Holding Mist" every time I wear my wig. I wear my wig 6 days a week and 12 to 14 hours. This Shaping Mist is great, every morning I lightly spray my wig and then style with my fingers. It keeps my hair in place, love it. It DOES NOT leave my wig sticky or gooey like some other sprays I have used, I highly recommend to everyone.


    Helps me style my wig and keeps it in place.



    Grace Henderson NV
    Overall Rating
    December 29, 2014

    This product is just ok. I wouldn't buy again.


    Does a pretty good job styling


    To Heavy

    Barbara Semora, NC
    Overall Rating
    November 27, 2014

    I ordered the hair spray holding mist but I didn't really need it. Also the end of the spray was, and still is, clogged up a little. I have rinsed it under warm/hot water but it still just comes on in little spits here and there.


    It seems to have good hold.


    Spray nozzle clogged and the hair spray is not really necessary in my opinion.

    Careolena California
    Overall Rating

    Don't use to much a little is all you need . then you wont have to wash it as often... I have learned as I have traveled into this delightful area of even more confidence


    works just use a little .......


    to much your wig wont last as long.......


Norma asked:

Norma . Does HairU Wear wig spray come in Aerosol spray can?<br>

Hair Gurus: Hello Norma,<br><br>This shaping spray only comes in a non aerosol.

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