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Hair U Wear introduces the Styling Comb, a convenient accessory for styling your wig or hairpiece or changing the part of a monofilament wig!

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Hair U Wear Comb by Hair U Wear - $2.00

Overall Rating:
16 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.8 on 16 Reviews)
    Deb Upstate NY
    Overall Rating

    This is an all-around good comb. The handle makes it comfortable to use when combing through a wig I am wearing. I had tried the Jon Renau comb but found it put my hand in an uncomfortable position. This one by Hair You Wear is more ergonomic. It flexes a little, so it is gentle on the hair. I picked up three - one for home, one for my school bag, and one for the Jeep. I'm very pleased with this product.

    Yvonne Sherwood, AR
    Overall Rating
    January 14, 2015

    Great comb. Order several, one for home, one for work, one for your car and one for your purse.


    Great comb



    Darlene North Dakota
    Overall Rating
    October 22, 2014

    Nice little sturdy comb. Doesn't tear out the hair. Detangles. Carry it with me everywhere I go.

    Nina Hollywood
    Overall Rating
    October 09, 2014

    So this giant wave comes up and crushes me just as I'm posing in my sexy swimsuit and just mashing my hair down around my ears. I'm frustrated because my hair was not supposed to get wet. I was too cute for that. Well, I had to go back and do my make up and put on a new outfit anyway. So I got to thinking, "how the heck am I going to fix my hairstyle"? What can I do to make it look like it did before that insane wall of water messed it up. Well, it just so happened that I had the Hair U Wear Comb with me. I'd almost forgotten. I got to work. After my shower, I sat down at the vanity table and began to comb through my hair. No really, I was able to comb through with no problem. It took out the tangles and saved the day for my locks of love. When I'd finished, I put my trusty styling equipment (aka Hair U Wear) back in my holster (oh yes...I holster it) and put on my sexy dress so I could go to dinner with my dreamboat. What I like most is that he said to me, "Have you done something new to your hair"? DUH! Absolutely, I did!!! It really makes me shine! Hope you have as good an experience with yours too. I'm pretty sure you will. I've got some issues with my hands that make it difficult sometimes to use items like brushes or combs So sometimes I have to wait a while to style my hair the way I'd like. By the time I get to use it, it's all frizzy. But with this comb, I don't have to wait because it's not heavy or shaped in some odd sort of way. One more very important thing...the price is just right.


    Light weight, but a hard worker!!! ;-)

    Beatriz Los Angeles, CA
    Overall Rating

    Cheap and great comb


    Inexpensive works great

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