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(4.6 on 13 Reviews)
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Lani Human Hair Wig by Motown Tress - $122.95

Overall Rating:
13 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.6 on 13 Reviews)
    patricia youngstown, ohio
    Overall Rating

    Very Nice

    January 14, 2015

    I like this wig very much. I gave it 4 stars because I would have liked a lighter color. I may try to lighten it. I have a small head and I am happy with the snug fit of the cap. I don't feel like I am drowning in this hair.

    Shelby Mt. Laurel, NJ
    Overall Rating

    Loved The Wig

    August 08, 2014

    I am always pleased with your products !!

    Irene Port Richey, FL
    Overall Rating

    love this long brown wig.

    May 11, 2014

    it matches my natural hair. hubby loves it. a little too heavy, its very thick and long. not too good for the sweltering heat in FL.

    Dee Los Angeles, CA
    Overall Rating

    Great After Shampooing!

    November 29, 2012

    I currently have this wig in black and just ordered another in off black. It's so natural and versatile. After shampooing, conditioning and air drying, I use a flat iron to smooth out and it looks as good as new! I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a wig that is easy to style and manage! The best part, no one knows I'm wearing a wig!


    Bounces back after washing! Price! Human hair! Versatility!


    Wish it came in longer length.

    Renae San Antonio
    Overall Rating

    My favorite... Part 2!

    November 20, 2012

    I decided to really make this wig my own, and got creative! My sister gave me some old extension pieces... They were about 7 inches long, brown, straight silky human hair. I sewed them into the back of this wig... At different lengths and about 3 inches away from each other. I also added a track to the bang line... It was a little tricky, but well worth it! Then, I ironed it out some more.... And I just love it! I almost cried when I put it on! It looks just like my old hair! It's shiny and real! I just love the price too! Seriously... Human wigs are so expensive, but this brand makes it possible for someone like me (a girl on a serious budget), to look and feel beautiful! I'm so excited to wear it out... I still have some kinks in the hair to work out, but I'm thrilled none the less!

    Natalia New Zealand
    Overall Rating

    Lovely item

    November 15, 2011

    I just love looks so natural!!!. I live to change my look from time to time and this wig is one of my best!

    Payge Antelope Valley, CA
    Overall Rating

    Outstanding in a Crowd

    January 18, 2011

    I have been amazed at the reaction of people who see me now, after wearing this product. It is very hard to tell that it is a wig. People who have known me for years did not figure it out. The wig is soft and falls beautifully around your face. The silky feeling adds to the "real" feeling. I have purchased 3 in slightly different colors and am thrilled with each one. The hair holds a curl for a long time and is very versatile in how you can style it. This particular style took years away from my look. I am almost 50 and no one can tell. I have recommended this product to a friend of mine and she has also found the product amazing.


    I love that it looks and feels real. I like that it holds the curl well and that it helps make me look younger.

    Rose South Carolina
    Overall Rating


    November 03, 2010

    I recently bought this wig at a local shop and the picture does not do the wig justice. I was impressed at the quality of the hair, it falls like your own when on and the cut is lovely. The part looks real and the bangs can be curled and styled side ways or back. I got a good price but not as good as your sale price. I am glad I found your site!


    Great price, good quality of hair that falls like your own and the highlights are placed well except on the bangs.


    too much highlights on bangs. my wig came with solid highlights on the bangs.

    Renae Texas
    Overall Rating

    My Favorite!

    January 01, 2010

    I love this wig. I wanted a human hair wig and was in shock to find how expensive they run! That is until I found this wig! I took a chance and bought it! Now, though it has a silky perm texture... I was able to smooth out the kinks with a few runs through a straightener! I also parted the bangs to the side and have the face frame a few layers! I couldn't be more pleased! Kinda wish it had more hair, but I just love it.


    Human hair!

    Ashley LA
    Overall Rating

    okay for the price

    January 01, 2010

    I have been ordering this same style wig (through various sites) for 5 years. Usually in Jet black, this time I went with a #4, the color is perfect as it is closest to my natural hair color, however, the texture of the hair was TERRIBLE. i have ordered this wig in 4 different shades overall through my years of wearing it and none of them had texture like the #4, it's extremely wirey and kinky, the hair does not feel soft, its rough, course and almost fried feeling. because i've had issues with this site before i chose not to complain and see if i could fix it myself, i ran a tub of piping hot water and through the wig in there to see if it would relax the kinks and texture of the hair, it didn't. neither did shampooing it. I had to sit for about an hour and do some hardcore straightening with my straightener. after straightening it, it looks somewhat better. you can still see the kinky texture in some areas, but it's not as bad. it would be nice if took the time to let their customers know if the texture of the wig is different from others in that style. I was totally unaware they came in different textures, had i known, even though this color is perfect for me, i wouldn't have ordered it, the texture makes it look less natural.





i have asked a few questions now but i do not get a reply back from you and sure would like to order this wig soon the sooner the better. I need help picking out the best color for me and am asking your opoin on what you think would look the best on me. please answer my questions soon so i can place my order. i have sent my picture to you as well so please repl;y back to me soon i am waiting for your answer.<br><br>Randi Hallberg


I didn't receive the photo, but when choosing a wig it is your own personal preference. We do offer a lot of the manufactures color rings that you can purchase or loan.

Hair Gurus answered on February 23, 2012

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