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Gwen Stefani is the blonde California rocker we all love. With such a funky taste for hair and fashion, you can't help but be intrigued by her. When she first hit the scene with her band No Doubt, this girl's hair changed as much as her wardrobe! From cornrows to blue hair and even to pink there was nothing to risque for Gwen! The world jammed out to her classy tunes and loved replicating her edgy looks.

After years of making it big with her band, Gwen's life took another turn. As her style had grown more mature she started a very successful clothing line called LAMB. Now women and celebrities could take home her bold style. She has since stuck with her classic look, mid length platinum blonde hair and a bright red lip. Becoming a face for makeup and perfume companies, her timeless beauty has made a mark in Hollywood.

A booming career and a growing family, Gwen has become a household name. Fashion magazines can't get enough of this beautiful trendsetter. From wacky and wild to polished and poised, Miss Stefani will always be a star to watch out for.

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