Raquel Welch

Color: R29S+

Color: R29S+

  • R29S+
  • R29S+

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A Sheer Indulgence monofilament crown adds a smooth natural silhouette to this beautifully crafted, below-the-chin page. The sleek sides gently graduate up to a collar length nape. Feather cut bangs complete the style.

The comfort and versatility is hard to believe, but so easy to achieve with Raquel Welch Sheer Indulgence ™. With a wide variety of looks to satisy any woman's fashion needs, all the styles in this collection offer monofilament construction.

Featured in the majority of Sheer Indulgence styles, the Sheer Indulgence ™ Top offers a monofilament top with our machine made Memory Cap II® base. Made to exact specifications, the hair in the entire top area of the Sheer Indulgence Top wig is hand knotted, one by one, providing forward movement and the look of natural growth. This feature allows the flexibility of parting the hair on the left or right or in the center. A polyurethane front rim has been added to accommodate tape attachment for added security, if needed. Luminous, hand blended colors provide the look and highlights of natural hair.
3 oz
Front 2.5", Crown 8.5", Side 6.75", Nape 2"
monofilament, hand-tied

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Finesse Synthetic Lace Front Wig Final Sale by Raquel Welch - $136.56

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Re the above finesse raquel welch wig. The color sample on the wig is either a dark blond (shown above) or a brown which is listed as R-9 a Chestnut brown. However when I click to order and have to pick either the abo+dark blonde (which I do not want) or a brown. It is listed as R-9S+ which is a mahogonay brown. <br><br>So before I order which is brown color of the wig R-9 or R-9S+.<br><br>If you can respond soon it would b e appreciated -I'd like to order today. Thanks

Hair Gurus: We currently do not have that wig available to order. <br><br>R9 is Glazed Mahogany .
Hair Gurus: The + on the end of the colors means that it is more highlighted. If you do like more highlights i would suggest the colors with the + the end of them.

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