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What is your
secret styling
tips for wigs?

What are different ways to style
a long wig?

What is the
best way to
store your wig?

Tell us your
secrets to wearing
a lace front wig.

How do you
wash and dry
your wigs?

What is your
favorite styling

What is the
best way to
tuck your hair?

What are the top 3
things to look for
when buying a wig?

What do you
do or use to
detangle a wig?

How do you keep
your wig cool from
the hot sun?


"My styling secrets are gentle care, constant maintenance, and a good wig styling brush. I can't live without my clamp for keeping my wig mannequin on the table, either!"

-Kristi from Rockton, IL

I wear a lot of longish wigs, so what I do after every wearing is to use a wide-toothed comb to take out all the snags, which happen every time with synthetic wigs. After that, with every other wearing, I'll use stay-in spray conditioner and let the wig dry on a folding wig stand.

-Sirena from Philadelphia

"If ones been in storage/put away a bit and is a tad frizzy instead of a brush I go through the wigs with my fingers with a tiny bit of anti frizz serum, wide tooth comb after."

-Danielle from Millington, TN

If traveling and need to Pack a wig I keep the origanal packing it came in and will pack it the same way keeps it from getting tangled as bad and its in a nice dry place,to keep it safe from any of the dangers of being packed in the car.

-Christin from Kansas City, MO

"I soak it in cold water with a couple drops of shampoo/conditioner than rinse and run my fingers through it when it dries it's good as new."

-Beth from Dalton, GA


"Pull small sections from each temple and do a tight braid, then twist in the back and tie off with a small butterfly clip. gather all of the hair to the nape of the neck and do a lose box braid. Tie off with a lace scrunchie and add a small butterfly pin to either side of your head close to your temple."

-Leah from Binghamton, NY

You can use clips or pins to put both sides up. Put in a low ponytail. Twist the back and put up in a clip. Depending on the occassion just have fun with it!

-Karen from Louisiana

"I like to put a soft pony tail at the back end of the hair. or wear head bands or clips one one side of the hair with twist in it. Also I twist it up and clip and let the longer part flow down like a fountain."

-Terra from Newport, KY

You can put out in a low pony tail for the classic look. You can pin up for more of a sophisticated look. For sporty pull it thru the opening of a ball cap. Wear it with a head band.


"For updos without the cap showing: either braid or put the hair up loosely, or first comb some hair down all around the hairline, and use the rest of the hair to create the updo."

-Goldilock from Netherlands


"I purchased plastic shoe boxes with different colored lids. I can easily store two wigs per box. The wigs are turne inside-out with tissue paper crumbled and stuffed inside to keep a good shape to the wig. I label the boxes with the pictures from original packaging. This makes it so easy to know what is contained within each box. The different colored lids give a simple aid to knowing what kind of wig can be found inside, ie same colors, lace fronts, length, etc. Including a dryer sheet keeps them smelling fresh. These boxes are so easily stacked anywhere there is extra space. This keeps them dust-free, too!"

-Valli from Xenia, OH

The best way to store a wig is get a wig based hair net (most wigs come with one) and put the wig in it either inside out or normally in. then place it in a zippy bag and release all the air from the bag so you don't need to deal with any dust that may have gotten into the bag.

-Melissa from Escondido, CA

"I store my wigs on a wire wig rack. This allows the air to circulate around them and keeps it smelling fresh."

-Margaret from Harvest, AL

I use the wig net and a bag to keep them in. I try to braid my long wigs before storing them in my dresser so they do not get tangled and messy.

-Cherly, Escondido, CA


"Make sure to get some proper tape or spirit gum and spirit gum remover to make it stay properly on your head!"

-Cheryl from Escondido, CA

Love the lace cap I just line it up with my hairline and I am good to go. When washing I blot with a towel and then lay it on the top of a 2 liter bottle by the lace.. Love wigs. I have worn them for 12 years.

-Carole from Toledo, OH

"One favorite idea I found helpful was to use tweezers to pull out some of the hair along the hairline of your lacefront wig. It needs to be done in a random fashion similar to your own, natural hairline. This goes a long way in creating the illusion of the wig being your own hair. Using a bit of your own foundation makeup, if needed, will also be helpful and disguise the netting completely. Using hair grips at the ear or temple areas is a good idea. You should place them in a direction starting just behind the ear, approx., and push them toward the face. This will keep the wig snug, in place, secure, and properly seated even when the wind blows the hair around."

-Valli from Xenia, OH

I've managed to luck out and find LFW that are the right color. I pluck the hairline a little bit so it doesn't look like a straight line and just put one on...

-Sirena, from Philadelphia

"With my lace fronts, I like to style the hair over the lace and bring just a little bit of my natural hair out by the ears; this gives a great illusion of very natural hair."

-Tanya from Santa Clarita, CA


"I place several wigs at a time in the top to an old Tupperware cake taker filled with wig shampoo and tepid water. I let them sit for awhile. I agitate them up and down (not around) a couple times and rinse each individually under running tepid water. I place them in a colander for a bit to drain. I have a shower curtain bar across the middle of one of my showers and I hang my wigs from it on hangers that I've bent to support each one. I've just begun using wig conditioners after washing them."

-June from Indianapolis, IN

I wash with shampoo and conditioner for wigs from in a sink and let it soak for 15 minutes. I blot dry with towel to get excess water off. I put on a clip hook in the shower so it can drip dry over night and not get water on anything. Once dry, I gently comb it out and put on stand. Comb gently or strands of hair will come loose.

-Kathleen from South Saint Paul, MN

"I wash my wigs with Hear U Wear shampoo and conditioner. I fill up the sink with cool water, add a cap of shampoo, swish the wig around and then let it soak for 10 minutes. Then I rinse it off and pour a cap full of conditioner in the sink and fill it. Finally I swish the wig around in the conditioner and then rinse it. To dry it I place it on a plastic bottle in the sink."


I use only a shampoo designed for wigs. Blot gently after washing with an absorbent towel and hang over something that allows good air circulation.

-Sharon, from Las Vegas

"I first comb my wig to get the tangles out. Spray a little wig conditioner before I soak in cold water. Fill a basin up with synthetic wig shampoo - half of cap - and cold water. Soak for about five minutes wig inside out. Then turn the wig the proper way - swish around. Drain basin and fill it up again with cold water to rinse wig. I use a microfiber towel to pat wig dry. I spray wig conditioner on the wig and sometimes dry the wig inside out on a towel- laying it down to almost look like a mushroom. This is perfect for short wigs and keeps the waves going."

-Lisa from New Jersey


"My favorite styling tool is definitely the leave in conditioning spray. Not only does it get rid of the tangles, but it also leaves the hair smelling fresh and looking clean between washings."

-Victoria from Las Vegas, NV

My fingers! Wigs that are delicate with curls don't need to much done to them.

-Rachel, from Kitimat, BC

"My favorite styling tool is a loop brush. It seems to do less damage to the wig than any other tool that I've used. However, I especially love that my sister-in-law can style any of my wigs that don't look quite right on me into a flattering style that I'm comfortable with."



"I like to use a fishnet cap that has an open end and that way i can still adjust my hair without removing the cap. The open end is so helpful and makes shaping so much easier."

-Lauren from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I have very thick, curly hair even though it's pretty short. I take the hair around my forehead and ears, as well as the nape of my neck, and pin curl it so it doesn't come loose and fall out from underneath the wig. The rest of it is pin curled in areas where the hair is very thick, such as the back of my head. Then I use a wig cap in a matching colour, and pull it upwards from around my neck so it catches any hairs I may have missed. Then the wig is donned!

-Erin, from St. Albert, Alberta

"I bend over & slip a light-color wig liner on my head from nape of the neck forward. After raising up, I look in the mirror & tuck in any loose hair or wispies. My hair is even & flat under the liner - ready for my wig."

-Cynthia from Irving, TX

If your hair is long enough you can braid it and gently twist it into a flat pin curl. First, I part my hair into 4 sections, make a braid for each of the sections, gently curl the braid around your finger and anchor the curl down to your scalp with 2 bobby pins. If done correctly the pin curl braids should lay flat against your head. Now take a wig cap and put apply it over your braids and your done! I know some use "cornrows" to keep their hair tucked securely under their wigs!

-Peggy, from Morganton, North Carolina

"I do the low pony tail with a flat barette concave side facing scalp. This way there is no bump but a flat surface, from there pin the hair up on top of my head and cover with wig cap."

-Cindy, from Oklahoma


"I look for what it's made of (synthetic or human hair), how it is constructed and if the available colors would work with my skin tone."

-Brandy from Cambridge Springs, PA

1. I always watch the video or look at the customers photos for the wig to see how realistic it looks. 2. I look at the price and 3. reveiws.

-Beth, from Dalton, Ga.

"I look for realism, I don't want people to know I am wearing a wig, I like soft natural styles that move like real hair. Comfort, I always read reviews to see if they are too hot or give people the "itchy/ scratchies". Quality/Construction, I always read reviews to see if the hairs fall out, if the wig easily tangles or if it's difficult to style. Your website makes it so easy to make a good purchase."

-Christena, from Cental Point, Oregon

1. Construction (I wear glasses for reading. Some wigs and glasses don't wear well together) 2. Style 3. Price



"If it's severely tangled you may have to risk it and unravel tangles by hand. If you spray the tangle too much it could matt up (if you had not washed the wig properly before) and your stuck with a glob! I use a mixed spray of water and leave-in spray on wig conditioner. I always store my wigs as nicely as they came packaged to prevent tangles. I always make sure the tangles are out before I store them as well!"

-Peggy, from Morganton, North Carolina

Spray with a mix of conditioner and water and gently use a wide toothed comb and then carefully let air dry.


"The fastest way to detangle my wig is spray some Hair U Wear leave in conditioner and run my fingers through it. It works great and leaves the hair soft all day!"

-Beth from Dalton, Ga.

I use a leave in conditioner detangling spray every day to comb through. I also use a wig brush and start at the ends of the hair to prevent breakage.

-Victoria, from Las Vegas, NV

"Be gentle for one. I use a good detangling brush and work my way from the ends to the root/base. If it's a curly wig I twist the hair in chunky twists. If it's straight, I do a big loose braid. Stick them in a satin or silk bag to keep them untangled too!"

-Măgan from Raleigh, NC


"I like to wear a big floppy brimmed sun hat and sunglasses. Keeps my wigs protected - and my face, too, and makes me look and feel like a movie star."


I would use a great sun hat, scarf or bandanna and stay in the shade as mush as possible, I would also use a leave in conditioner and as I do already wash my wigs often.

-Susan, from Greensboro, NC

"I wear human hair wigs in summer, because they isolate against the heat. I use sun protection spray to protect the hair from drying out and fading."

-Goldilock from The Netherlands

I will wear a light colored, lightweight cotton cap on my head, also keeps my skin slightly shielded as well! I also like those CUTE clip on ponytails for the summer, cool, comfy & very polished looking!

-Jeannie, from Beacon, NY

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