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Eyebrows and Mustache Set by Lacey - $11.95

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Would like to place a small order for Dalhousie University Costume Studies. Interested in moustache/eyebrow combo, one in blond and one in gray. <br>How are you doing since Sandy? Hoping all is improving for you.<br>John Pennoyer


We are on the West Coast in California. However, shipping has been delayed, since our costume wigs come from the East coast.

Hair Gurus answered on November 05, 2012


hi - how do your beards and mustaches attach to the skin? Is there just one way you recommend, or are there a variety of ways that will work, depending on how sticky / permanent you want them to be? thanks! great site.


Hello Michael,<br><br>We do sell an adhesive in our site called Jon Renau It Stays. We would also recommend spirit gum its an adhesive you can find in stores.

Hair Gurus answered on December 08, 2014

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