Eva Gabor

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Eva Gabor Color Ring includes the following colors: 1BC, L2, 2C, L4, 4C, L6, L6/30H, 6C, LS7, L8, LG830, 8C, L10, 10C, LR12, 12C, LR14, 14C, JR14C, L15, L16, 16C, L1627, LR21, L22, 22C, L24, JR24C, LG25, LG26, 101C, JR101C, LR27, JR27C, 27C, LR29, L30, L30/27H, L32, LG33, 33C, LG130, L135, LG433, LG1020, LR1223, L12/26H, LR1416, 1426RC, LR14/88H, 17/101C, 18/22C, 24/14C, 36C, 38C, 44C, LS48, 48C, LS51, JR51C, 51C, 56C, 56/60C, L60, 60C, 119C, 192C.

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Eva Gabor Color Ring by Eva Gabor - $29.95

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