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Emma Watson was born in Paris France and at the early age of 7 she discovered her love for the performing arts. In 2000 Emma was ten years old and began filming for the first time. This would be her first role for the movie Harry Potter as Hermoine. Ten years and six films later Emma still continues to play this role. When she first hit the screen with her long brunette locks every girl wanted to look just like her. What a fantastic role model for young girls everywhere with her bright smile and charming personality.

We couldn't help but fall in love with her on screen and off. Her films won great critical acclaim and countless awards. Watching her grow over the past few years she has matured into a beautiful woman with a style of her own. For a while she kept her long flowing layers which always had the perfect amount of body and curl. Watson has always been muse for fashion magazines, women love to keep up with her latest trends.

In 2011 Emma was voted as having the most influential haircut according to Google. She chopped her long locks into an elegant pixie. This style made her feel free and beautiful. Her new pixie cut even beat out long time winner Jennifer Aniston. This is one trend setter to look out for!

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