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10 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(3.5 on 10 Reviews)

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The therapeutic design of our Comfy Grip Deluxe will keep wigs comfortably fitted to chemo patients scalps. It's two sides are uniquely different. One is smooth to grab to the scalp when the hair is lost, the other has the pebble effect that allows the grip to successfully grab to the new hair growth that chemo patients will be experiencing after treatment.

  • Supports any weight; will not bottom out
  • Conforms to body shape for cushioning
  • One size fits all (18" - 24")
  • Dissipates body heat for comfort
  • Easily cleaned with disinfectant
  • Will not absorb fluids or oils
  • Light weight and durable
  • Non allergenic, fungus resistant

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Comfy Grip Deluxe Band by Ferdinand's Wigs - $35.95

Overall Rating:
10 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(3.5 on 10 Reviews)
    Cassy Ohio
    Overall Rating
    January 04, 2014

    This band did not work for me. It did not stick to my head or my wig.

    Maya Somerville, ma
    Overall Rating
    December 04, 2013

    Jury is still out on this one. I have AT, and a very sensitive scalp. I usually use a wide cotton headband to lessen friction, but wanted to try something that was a bit more secure. I'll try getting used to this, but I think I may just be stuck with it. I wish it were considerably WIDER and flatter.




    Too narrow

    Gail Alabama
    Overall Rating
    October 19, 2013

    Bought this to help hold wig in place It works great. I use 2 bobby pins to to make me feel better and secure I am really liking this wig thing


    This helps to feel secure This is great but the one for 26.95 is horrible I bought it too to have two of them


    This great to hold wig

    Elizabeth Ireland
    Overall Rating

    I ordered this with many other items but it was not in the package when I opened it. I was refunded the money. Very good customer service from Vogue Wigs!

    Indah Singapore, Singapore
    Overall Rating
    February 03, 2012

    my wig fits securely with this band.


Joan asked:

If this band is accidentally punctured, is it self healing or will gel com out?

Hair Gurus: This item does not have wet gel in the item. If it is punctured the item will not leak.

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