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Get a Grip on Your Wig with the Comfy Grip! A wig that is properly fitted to your head is essential to security. The adjustments on the wig may make it tighter but it may still slip up on the back of your head. That is where the Comfy Grip comes in. It adjusts to body movements, distributes the weight of a wig or hat evenly and keeps them from slipping.

  • Supports any weight; will not bottom out
  • Conforms to body shape for cushioning
  • One size fits all (18" - 24")
  • Dissipates body heat for comfort
  • Easily cleaned with disinfectant
  • Will not absorb fluids or oils
  • Light weight and durable
  • Non allergenic, fungus resistant

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Comfy Grip Band by Ferdinand's Wigs - $26.95

Overall Rating:
29 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4 on 29 Reviews)
    Kathy ,
    Overall Rating
    May 28, 2015

    It worked out very well-I sweat easy and this helped keep my head cool! It was worth every penny!





    Janet El Paso, TX
    Overall Rating
    February 20, 2015

    It didn't work as I hoped. I had problems with it slipping and had to take my wig off to fix it. I have a short, pixie cut, wig that I hoped it would help to keep in place, but it didn't help it stay in place really at all. In fact now I had issues with the band showing. So I think I am just giving up on it.

    KathyM713 Columbus, OH
    Overall Rating
    February 07, 2015

    Does not stay in place and does not keep you cool. Would not recommend this item to anyone.


    Does not stay in place, hangs out on neck, even at smallest length, plus did not keep me cool.

    Vicky Trussville, Alabama
    Overall Rating
    February 04, 2015

    As I have a seriously receded hairline, I recently purchased two wigs, both of which I found to be very scratchy & itchy where they touched my skin. So, when I saw this product, I thought my problems were solved, especially after reading all the positive reviews! However, my personal experience has been that it fails miserably. It's almost too big and it DOES NOT STAY IN PLACE, so how could it hold my wig in place?? It isn't worth the high price for something that must cost very little to make. All it is is a piece of plastic with a strip of Velcro attached! I don't recommend it.

    Aileen Brown Canada
    Overall Rating
    December 26, 2014

    Found the band very comfortable and wig felt really secure------ but it came apart the second time I wore it---very disappointed as it was pricey and very comfortable the only time I wore it.


Dianne Stackpoole asked:

I don't understand how this is used. Does it slip over the top of the wig, under the hair?<br>

Hair Gurus: it goes under neath the wig cap.
Vicki asked:

Hi, does this mean I can dispense with tape? I could do with being able to give my poor head a break from tape! I have a custom h-h wig, very long and thick

Hair Gurus: The majority of the wigs that we offer do not require the extra adhesive however, some customer enjoy that extra customize fit. The Comfy Grip Band offers that extra traction and added comfort for those avid wig users. Enjoy!
Rebecca asked:

What is this wig cap made of? Is it some kind of "gripper" material? Because I don't understand how it's going to make the wig non slip if it's not some type of rubberish material. The wig I just bought I cannot make any smaller and the wig keeps falling towards the back of my head. <br>

Hair Gurus: Hello Rebecca,<br><br>The grip band is made of a sillicon material on top of a polymer gel.
Monique Bourbeau asked:

Is this product for someone with hair? I have medium length thin hair, will it help?<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>

Hair Gurus: It's for people with and without hair.

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