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Color: 130-4

Color: 130-4

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24 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.8 on 24 Reviews)


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Blair is a beautiful, classic bob style renown for it's comfort, style, and believability. Chin-length hair along the sides and back, and light wispy bangs complete the style.

Utilizing breakthrough wig making methods, the Jon Renau O’solite collection offers the lightest, most comfortable wigs on the market. Wigs in this exclusive Jon Renau line weigh up to 50% less than traditional wigs by the use of lighter materials and machine-back open cap construction (also referred to as “capless”).
  • Always Naturally Gorgeous - O’solite wigs achieve amazingly natural lift and movement. They are as soft and manageable as real hair, with enough body and memory to retain their shape right out of the box, every time.
  • Cool, Soft, Secure Fit - Open cap construction allows superior ventilation to keep your scalp cool. This design also reduces the cap weight of each wig, for a more secure fit.
  • Lightweight For Ultimate Comfort - O'solite wigs, weighing as little as 1.65 ounces, eliminate the pressure and friction you might feel from a heavier traditional wig. O'solite wigs provide maximum comfort with minimum weight.
2.3 oz
Bangs 3.75", Crown 10.25", Sides 7", Nape 2.75"

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Blair Synthetic Wig by Jon Renau - $118.05

Overall Rating:
24 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.8 on 24 Reviews)
    Denise Waterford Michigan
    Overall Rating

    Review on Blair Wig

    February 19, 2015

    I just received my Blair Wig today, OMG I love it ! I got the Shaded Praline color, it looks so great with the rooted area that is a little darker, my husband loves it, so do my daughters, I also got the Jazz in the same color, I love this color, I may get a little lighter for summer time, both are totally different looks, I cannot believe the way they are making wigs today, Nobody ever that my short one was a wig, I can't wait to start wearing this one, I got it because of all the great reviews, and the style, thank you Jon Renau for making great looking wigs !


    Looks beautiful, the color and style , and the hair, the rooted color is great , makes it look more like real hair !



    Jessica Rochester, NY
    Overall Rating

    So pleased.

    January 24, 2015

    I was pretty nervous buying a wig online but the massive amount of positive reviews swayed me and I am anything but disappointed. The style fits me very well, right out of the box and the color (shaded praline) looks so natural. The wig is so light and moves so well. I am very very happy.


    The color is perfect.

    Dianna near Gettysburg, Pa.
    Overall Rating

    Highly Recommend!

    September 07, 2014

    I just began to wear wigs this year as my own hair has gotten so thin it's embarrassing. I have 9 wigs now, I bought this one at the same time I bought the Nicki and I love them both. The hair is so real looking, moves in a breeze like real hair and is so soft and beautiful. I chose Shaded Praline, a blend of blonde shades and rooted brown, it's gorgeous. I rated the Nicki as my favorite only because the hair does not bother me, it's cut shorter around the face and never gets in my way. The Blair wig has more hair and I have to wear a small clip barrette on each side to keep it out of my face. But, oh my gosh, what beautiful hair! I wear this one often for long periods of time, up to 10 or 12 hours, it's comfortable, not too hot (any wig is hot outside in 90 degree weather), and washes great, has been washed often and looks like new. Hair ends do not stick together when I wear it like some wigs I have do. Can be parted in the middle or left or right, very natural looking, I love it and will buy this one again! Highly recommend, you won't be sorry, looks much better than the photos in the listing.


    Everything about this wig is great! Can wear it right out of the box.


    Absolutely no cons, love it!

    Yana Hamilton, ON, Canada
    Overall Rating

    Beautiful wig and very real looking

    June 08, 2014

    This is my first wig that I went out with. I have purchased other from other web stores before and have never liked them or felt comfortable to show myself out with. The Blair wig is awesome! No one knows that it is not my hair, even my own sister, who is a hairstylist and lives in Europe, congratulated me on the color and style, after seeing my pictures on Facebook, he-he!


    Light and looks like real hair. Literally took it out of the box and started to wear it without trimming or so. It looked bigger at first, but after a few hours, the hair settled down and looked very natural.


    The cap is a bit big for me, but overall, no concerns.

    Stretchpants Columbus,Oh.
    Overall Rating

    So pretty

    June 08, 2014

    I love Jon Renau's version of the bob.The hair is silky and not too much. Just enough to make it look natural. I have 6 now in all different colors. It's fun to switch them out depending on the weather or the way I feel. Fairly new to this wig business. So glad I found this one.


    Silky with body and movement.

    Deborah Toronto, Ontario
    Overall Rating

    Blair - color 27T613S8

    April 22, 2014

    I am quite surprised with this wig - first the price, low, right? Well, it's absolutely beautiful and you don't even know it's not a mono-top. The fiber is as nice a quality as the more expensive JR's. This is the first time of trying an o'solite wig - it's natural, real and oh so comfortable. Many thanks to Stephanie, the rep who helped me decide. I have dealt with many sites, evaluating their service, knowledge, helpfulness and VW's is the best site in all aspects. Very pleased!

    Juliet Australia
    Overall Rating

    Better than similar wigs.

    March 12, 2014

    My friend bought this wig but it was too blonde for her so she passed it on to me. The color is 24BT18 and not rooted. I usually buy the Scorpio but now I am switching to this one. The Blair is better in several ways. It looks more natural, it's not as shiny, the parting is zigzag and looks very natural. There is less hair and the styling is superior. The ends are kind of uneven in a way that I love, better than the model's photo. And the fit is excellent, a bit smaller and oh so very light. I am keeping this one for the southern summer( I am in Australia).


    Very light, less hair, good parting. Great styling.Looks very natural.


    There is still a bit too much shine but washing it a few times helps.

    Phylis West Milford, New Jersey
    Overall Rating

    So Natural

    December 30, 2013

    Jon Renau is my favorite brand. The Blair wig is natural looking in both style and color. As with all Renau wigs it is comfortable. I own several Jon Renua wigs and have been complimented on how great my hair looks while wearing them as no one realizes that I am actually wearing a wig. I always take one with me while traveling. This wig along with the Patrice and Hillary are my favorites.


    Extremely comfortable and the color is so natural.



    Humble1 Kingwood`, tx
    Overall Rating

    Love the style and color

    October 05, 2013

    Although I haven't worn this wig outside the house yet, I love trying it on and experimenting with it. The color, Creme Brulee is absolutely gorgeous and very close to my natural, highlighted color. It has taken me a while to discover the best way to wear it because the hair kept on falling in my face. I have since learned not to try and part it on the side and just let it fall down the middle. It doesn't fall into my face and the bangs look much better. I do notice it slides around my head a bit, so will have to work with the adjustment in the back. This is a bit longer than my other Vogue wig, but I think this one will be perfect for evenings and dress up times. My thinning hair is due to medications I am on, hopefully my own hair will grow back again--I am told it will, but it will take a while so until I feel comfortable not wearing a wig, I will enjoy the new "me" and my husband also likes the look.


    Lightweight, natural looking color, moves freely and easy to style with finger combing.

    Rebecca Kansas
    Overall Rating

    Light and real-looking

    July 12, 2013

    Looked beautiful right out of the box. I got the 6-33 color, and it I thought it would be more red, but it is just a hint of the auburn, so if you are wanting something more red, don't get this color, but that being said, it is a very pretty color. Fit nice and was very light, which is exactly what I was looking for in a wig since I am planning on becoming a daily wig-wearer soon.


    light, real-looking


    none that I know of yet


Helena asked:

whatis is a mono top? and does it have a natural part.

Hair Gurus: A monofilament top or mono-top wig will have a transparent lace like material on the top of the wig, where each individual fiber has been hand knotted onto the lace. This will give you the most realistic scalp appearance and will allow you to change the parting on the wig, where the monofliament fiber is located.

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