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Alright, alright -- so we already know you're a beauty queen, but with this wig, you'll take that title to the next level. Long, thick, and sexy, your inner bohemian goddess will shine in this style. With its long layers, gently tousled waves, and a realistic skin top, no one will guess you're wearing a wig! Plus, this wig is made with 100% Kanekalon fiber, so it has a natural touch and feel.
12 oz
Overall 20"
Long Layered

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Beauty Queen Synthetic Wig by Forever Young - $54.75

Overall Rating:
20 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(4.3 on 20 Reviews)
    Beth boise, Idaho
    Overall Rating
    December 22, 2014

    When I wear this wig I get hit on a lot as well as a lot of compliments. I got this wig in color HL4/30. Its a dark brown with a few light brown highlights throughout. The highlights look almost orange but not in a bad way. They compliment the wig very much. The wig has very beautiful waves. I will definitely order it again.


    Natural and beautiful looking waves, takes some work but can be parted different ways and still looks great and realistic. People can not tell it's a wig.


    Probably my only complainant is that it tangles very easy.

    Susan St. Louis, MO
    Overall Rating

    I have only worn this wig for about 3 weeks and the strands of hair have come out in batches, tangles even easier than normal and has many knots on the end. My previous wig was getting really worn and the style that I normally get, the color is out of stock (Picture Perfect). I have worn other wigs from Forever Young for several years and have never had this kind of experience before. I will never buy this wig again.



    Marie Berwick, LA
    Overall Rating
    June 09, 2014

    I love this wig. It reminds me of air dryed hair that has a soft natural wave to it. Very natural not overly made up hair. I bought may staple color 24B613. In fact, the hair was so beautiful out the box, I didn't have to dewigify it and remove the shine. It was not shiny at all like most blonde wigs I have purchased. The bangs were too long for my taste so I had my hair dresser cut them for me. I like that fact that this is one of those no fuss wigs...because of the wave to it, you do not want to brush it. I find using a very wide gappy tooth comb will help smooth it with conditioning spray. I like to comb just the top part of the wig about 1/4 of the way down just before the waves start to tame the crown, then for the bottom where the waves are, give the wig a good spritz with the conditioner (I use Revlon Wig conditioning spray and or Infusionium leave in spray conditioner) and then finger scrunch it, and air dry. I'm telling you, the wig will look beautiful. I actually wore it on a literal test run outdoors in 90 degree didn't get all tangled and looks just as good as I left the house this morning :) (see me in the black shirt pic, that is after I ran a 5k).


    very light weight, so natural looking


    wish the hair was a little more dense. I find if the top is not combed, you can see some of the wefts thru the hair, but it is not bad.

    L. NY
    Overall Rating

    I ordered this wig in the color 8/12/24bhl. This wig is heat resistant, and while I don't plan on straightening it, it means it has no weird shine. It really looks like a human hair wig. The fit is awesome and flat on top with no weird puffiness. The bangs sweep to the side perfectly and can be parted anywhere. The style is casual as another reviewer mentioned, best pulled half up or all up. It can be worn down too but to me this is an everyday wig.


    Gorgeous color, good thickness that's not too thin or thick, no shine, great bangs.


    None at all!

    Bethany Garfield, NJ
    Overall Rating
    February 04, 2014

    I purchased this wig for the first time in October, and have bought it 2 times since (4 months). I love the style and length, and they did an amazing job blending the colors (HL4-30). it holds it's curl well, the only reason I have had to purchase it a few times is that I wear this wig as my primary hair, so it's in use 15 hours a day. I'm noticing that winter is rough on it (it's getting matted underneath, likely from rubbing against a bulky coat). Thing is, the hair is still in good enough condition that I have yet to actually retire a wig - I have one that I put in two braids, another that I often wear with a bandanna or wider headband. I cut the bangs on one to be normal bangs rather than a side bang. It's pretty versatile!


Miley asked:

Can you style the move to the other side? Is it good /.

Hair Gurus: This wig is not a monofiliement piece which means that you will not be able to get that natural scalp look if you try changing the part of the wig. Please look for monofiliement wigs if you would like this feature.

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