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  • RL32-31

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Autograph Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch - $276.25

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1 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(5 on 1 Reviews)
    Sharon New Jersey
    Overall Rating

    My favorite so far

    September 17, 2014

    I purshased this wig from another site before I found Vogue. Awaiting my first order from Vogue today - another RW but in a shag style. Anyway, I wear Autograph almost every day and it is comfortable and very natural looking. Sometimes I even pull out some of my own hair on the sides and blend it in with the wig hair and push it back away from my face. Sometimes I wear bangs and sometimes I push the bangs off my face and it looks like my own hair.


    Natural looking, comfortable and people are surprised it is a wig IF I tell them :D Can style a few different ways. Absolutely would recommend to others.





Hi, I have been pondering over buying a lace front wig. I love the Autograph one by Raquel Welch. I am just concerned about the lace front. I have looked at some videos but they all vary in their application, some use glue at the front others tape, some use pinking scissors so it becomes complicated. Can you direct me to a site where I can see Raquel Welch lace front being applied. I look forward to hearing from you. Perhaps you have some simple instructions.<br>Kind Wishes, Maria Kosenko


Hello Maria,<br><br>We do understnad that each brand who uses a lace front can require some additional tailoring to make it suit you. The glue and tape have become more of a preference now with the newer cap constructions. It is not always required to keep the wig in place. To see how to apply a lace front wig please click this link below:<br>https://voguewigs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200727555--What-is-a-Lace-Front-Wig-

Hair Gurus answered on July 19, 2014

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