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(2.4 on 3 Reviews)
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Apollo Men's Monofilament Human Hair Wig by Wig Pro - $685.00

Overall Rating:
3 Review(s) / 0 Questions
(2.4 on 3 Reviews)
    hector cumsuck coram, ny 11727
    Overall Rating

    bad hair

    December 25, 2014

    Looks like the hair came from a horse



    D OH
    Overall Rating

    Not Perfect, But Good

    December 07, 2014

    theres not many photos of Apollo on wig websites. this is what it looks like uncut and wet. i was surprised to see so much wave but thats fine in my book. this is human hair so it will definitely need to be customized to suit your preferences. the hair is soft. the cap is comfortable. and the parting looks real. i think the only thing i would change is the density of the lace front, its a bit thick for a man, but that can be altered as well. i like that it has true temple to temple lace in the very front but also includes standard bendable ear tabs. the color i ordered is #2, but of course it looks darker when wet.

    Disappointed OH
    Overall Rating

    At Second Glance

    January 01, 2010

    i posted an initial review when i first got this wig. i had plans on having the sides and back cut much shorter and leaving some length on the top... well after a visit with a stylist that was willing to cut it she and i both agreed that wasn't going to work out because the wig ended up being curly. had i known this wig was naturally curly i wouldn't have purchased it. if the natural texture was straight i could've worked with it not having to worry about all the frizz and the hair sticking out like buckwheat. wig manufactures and websites NEED TO START providing all the necessary information, especially when spending that much money.



Hi, I was seriously thinking about purchasing this wig but had a few questions first. Are there any blonde color options available? I'm light blonde now, so switching to only a brown option (#8) might be too much of a change. Also, how does this wig attach? is there tape or adhesive of some kind? and how strong is the attachment?<br>Please provide more details and then I will purchase this product, thank you<br>Dan


Hello,<br>Thank you for your inquiry. There are no blonde choices for the WP-421-APOLLO-MONO. The lightest shade is 8 and that is described as a Light Chestnut Brown. This a full mans wig, and there is no adhesive or tape necessary to make the wig stay in place.

Hair Gurus answered on August 15, 2012

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