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Amber Monofilament Human Hair Wig by Wig Pro - $1,623.00

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Loreta asked:

What is the difference between Amber and Amber II thanks

Hair Gurus: The amber I is made with a different kind of fiber. The Amber II is referred by many as "Remy", "Virgin" or "Cut Hair" The price of the Amber II is going to be more expensive due to the hand made cap that is featured on this wig.
Sue Wonderlic asked:

does this wig come in peite size? I have had several wig pro wigs. I love them, but the color fades very fast, and when I color them I loose alot of hair. Any suegesstions?

Hair Gurus: The Amber does not come in a petite cap size. When coloring these wigs you will loose some hair,<br>I would suggest using a shampoo that is for colored hair or used to keep the color in the fiber.

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