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  • Brandi Monofilament Wig by Amore

    Brandi Monofilament Wig by Amore

    By peta from Melbourne, Australia on December 19, 2014

    This is my fifth wig in the same style but first in the dark brown. The wig looks and feels like human hair but because it is synthetic, holds the curls better than human hair. It can be parted on any side on top and flexible ear tabs allow you to adjust it to the shape of your head. I would buy another in the same colour.

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  • Funbun Synthetic Hairpiece by easihair

    Funbun Synthetic Hairpiece by easihair

    By Mary Ellen Bujnoski from Erie, Pennsylvania on December 18, 2014

    I absolutely love this hairpiece! When I'm having a "bad hair", all I have to do is wrap this hairpiece around my ponytail and it transforms my look from frumpy to fabulous. Even if I'm pressed for time when getting ready for a night out-on-the-town, this funbun gives me a chic, sophisticated look in seconds. The funbun is beautifully highlighted with soft, natural looking curls. It is a must-have for a busy woman who wants to look polished.

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  • Fashion Note Synthetic Wig by Forever Young

    Fashion Note Synthetic Wig by Forever Young

    By Marie Anthony from Boston, MA on December 18, 2014

    Having total Alopecia for many years and paying hundreds of $$ , I can't believe I found this gorgeous gal ! I ordered 2 to just wear around the house, and am so happy !!! at this price I can purchase as often as once a month and always feel like I just came from the salon. I'm so excited, although it's not handtied and got the built in tape, I feel so comfortable wearing it and have gotten so many compliments, unlike my very expenses pieces. Thank you so much Vogue Wigs !! Marie

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  • Bailey Synthetic Wig by Rene of Paris

    Bailey Synthetic Wig by Rene of Paris

    By Deb from Ohio on December 18, 2014

    This is a beautiful wig. Was perfect right out of the box - even the bangs! No trimming required. The hair is super soft and silky and there is not too much hair. Usually I need a short style but Bailey looks really good - will be my "longer" wig. The gently flipped ends and layers are perfect and you can push the sides behind your ears. The color Moccachino is truly gorgeous. I was afraid it might be too light, but it is not. I usually wear a medium or light brown. I am very pleased with the quality of this wig, it is superb for the price. May want more in other colors!

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  • Angelica Synthetic Wig by Noriko

    Angelica Synthetic Wig by Noriko

    By Ms_Kitteh from Boston, MA on December 18, 2014

    This wig is amazing and so beautiful. I have two of them- one in Chocolate Swirl and one in the Crimson LR. I wore the Chocolate Swirl one to work for Halloween (as kind of a test) and people kept saying ďthatís not a your real hair??Ē or ďthatís a wig?Ē. Itís very realistic to those who are not in the know of wigs and wig wearing. The crimson LR is a gorgeous color if you love red hair. I was nervous by the description I kept getting from customer service Ė that it had a burgundy root Ė but itís not a ridiculous and over-the-top phony red. You really canít beat the Norikoís for color and style. My only wish for the Angelica is for it to have a realistic hairline and no permatease. Even a 2 inch parting space would make this wig the best in the world. I find that if you donít have a dark color in a Noriko wig that you can see a distinctive dark band around the hairline. But really most people are oblivious and wouldn't even know it was a wig.

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